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  1. i hear ya gioguy . i got a foursome tomorrow morning and i gotta make sure to dig out my rain pants and yankees pullover jacket just in case.We havent enjoyed enough good weather for summer to start fading away so soon .
  2. I know . First elimination that bummed me out . Petey left with a lot of good shots in the confidence bank that he can bring up during a tough round.
  3. Nicely done Texas Solo , believe me , everytime she crouches down for a putt, i'm not just thinking about reading the greens . Looks aside she's talented and i'm sure she'd school me . I'd let her too.
  4. I'm sitting here watching Suzanne Peterssen play Christie Kerr and i wondered how it would be like to play with an lpga tour pro.I'm guessing with my high handicap it'd be a lesson because these ladies can flat out play . My vote is for the pink panther , I'm a huge Paula Creamer fan even though her name conjures up the lewdest innuendo . Who would you guys play a round with ?
  5. As someone with firsthand knowledge of the ''hydro-magnetism'' of teed-up golf balls, i can tell you that splashing a few into the drink will do you good. First off , you'll get over that bad shot and focus a little better for the approach and subsequent shots . I know once i got over the initial embarassment , i took that shot for what it was worth : a bad shot not worth repeating but nothing more than that. Failure motivates success , in fact there's a Michael Jordan quote somewhere on how many shots he'd missed in his career and how he wouldnt quit . Good luck . There's a hole at a course i
  6. a change of socks ( my balls are hydro-magnetic) , couple 2, 3 , beers ( snuck in the bag of course) , sunflower seeds and a stogie or two .
  7. Tried putting without a glove for the first time in a long time , and i putted better than i had been . The feel makes a difference and i could'nt care less if people think i'm just trying to act like the pros.
  8. 1970's ? Dont think so , Iranian Shah's living room ? Probably ! Sweet clubs though .
  9. What about some pictures ? I'd love to see how your clubs look out of curiosity.
  10. Sound strategy , will employ it on Tuesday when i go out.
  11. I was just punishing myself by looking at some old scorecards and i realized that i seem to play better on wet fairways . I'm not saying i prefer the rain but i seem to hit better on moist ground.Now i dont mean marshy swamps , rather , off the morning dew or an hour or so after light rainfall.Mentally , i think my mind feels more comfortable swinging underneath when the ground should '' give ''more. This is just a weird observation that i made about myself and i wonder if anyone has anything idiosyncratic about their game or just some odd or weird preference ?
  12. I use this grip for my putting .Actually i copied it from a golf instructor off youtube and it definitely takes the hands out of play.When i take my time , i nail most putts within 6 feet and two putt from 20 ft or so . That said i've never broken 100 but putting is not the reason why.
  13. Thank you for all the advice . I have a few days to prepare for my next golf outing and i will definitely prepare for the par 3's by trusting my yardages and not thinking so much . I find many reasons why i will fail at the par 3's but not enough reasons why i will nail them so instead of having unrealistic expectations , i'll be real with myself and build on good shots.
  14. Most but probably not all. I can name a few courses in central new york whose par 3 tee boxes are not quite even .I find some of them to actually have a bowl-like feeling to them and when my feet are on the outer edges of the '' bowl '' with my club in the middle , i tend to get the feeling of hitting onto a lower level. The problem is probably not the tee box but how my mind perceives this simple challenge and further complicates it so that i get intimidated . I've been trying more positive self talk and it seems to have a calming effect .Until i mess up the shot !
  15. Kieran how do you like the ignite putter ? i have the same one with an orange milled face and i've had good touch with it for the most part . The best part about it for me is the length 35 inches i hate having to stoop down when i putt.
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