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  1. Wow. I've been off the board for almost a year, and not much has seemed to change! The reason I started reading this thread is because I'm almost the same problem. Now, I have a question. I usually fade or slice, every club except my SW. I've found 2 ways to correct this, but I'm pretty sure they are just band-aids for my swing. I either go from a neutral grip to a weak grip (i think...i'm rotating my grip to the right), or keep my nuetral grip and rotate my club face out, and then i feel like i have to exagerate the movement to rotate it back to square up at impact. The second method
  2. I'm not arguing about Tigers stats in driving accuracy or playing from the rough. But even so, look at the US Open last year. They had the most unplayable rough on tour last year in pittsburg, and he still finished 2nd. If his putting would have been anywhere near it was at the end of last season and so far this one, it would have been no contest. I'm not trying to be a GO TIGER guy, but almost everyone here can agree that you lose more strokes in short game and on the greens. I don't think his lack of driving accuracy will make him any less dominate.
  3. Very intersting topic. As for the tour, it might get a little stale by the time the PGA Championship comes around. And the FedEx Cup, well if it wasn't irrelevant already, just wait. For Tiger, while it would be yet another uncanny achievment, I think it would be bad for him. Not personally, but from the media and fans views. Everyone kept saying how last year was an "off" year for Tiger. Imagine if he came back in 09, after a perfect 08 season and didn't win EVERY tournament. The media loves trainwrecks, and they'll make one out of a parking lot fender bender. Just my take on it.
  4. Does anyone have a link to the titleist commercial? A friend just told me about it yesterday on the course, and I haven't seen it yet. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm still in love with my TA 588, but I think when the time comes to upgrade I'll get the CG 10's or 12's. I'm not crazy about the new 14's. From everything I've read here and seen on the course, vokey's and cg's are pretty much the way to go with wedges, just comes down to personal feel. I have a buddy that has 56 and 60 in both, he typically changes them out about once a month b/c he still can't decide what he likes.
  6. I was also going to recomend the titlest driver if you're concerned about the sound. The technology has pretty much caught up to every company. If you don't want the loud ping sound, then don't even consider the HiBore XL, I have to think about putting earplugs in every time I swing mine! It sounds more like an aluminum baseball bat.
  7. Last week on the courses the only way to correct the slice was to have an extremely strong grip. But then I'd have to readjust everytime I picked up an iron, since I was only slicing with the woods. I think you're right though, because the times that I didn't think about trying to open the club face my hits were more straight. Thanks again.
  8. Good deal, thanks for the info guys. I'll work on that somemore this week!
  9. So I've been working on my mechanics alot lately. I used to just keep my wrists locked up on every swing to avoid some kinda weird contact on the downswing. But now I've been rotating them out on the backswing and crossing over on the follow through. I noticed that with my new irons this helps keep my distance where it should be, but now I'm slicing my driver and woods pretty bad. I guess the question I have is, should I move the ball back in my stance for the driver and woods (I currently line up with the ball just inside my front foot), or should I not rotate my wrists out on the back s
  10. Do the nike drifit shirts sleeves come past your elbows like most of the other golf clothes?
  11. Thanks for the reviews guys. I haven't ordered them yet, I'm waiting to sell my ATV first...so if anyone is looking for a drag racing ATV let me know, lol. I think I want to get the 4-DW to close the gap between the PW and my SW. I'm about to look up the lofts on them to see if thats what i need to do. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for all the help everyone. I wish I could've gotten all this before I headed to the course. Everything said here makes sense based on my performance today. I did notice that if I rotated my hips even the slightest bit on the backswing I was slicing pretty bad. As for my weight distribution, I almost have to lean in a little bit, for some reason if I don't I'm scooping out chia pet divots. I'll work on that though, Thanks again. EDIT: I guess I'm doing something right though. According to the eHow.com way of calculating handicap, my round today lowered it by 2 full strokes toda
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the sidewalk sale, are they clearing out inventory for new models or something?
  14. To my suprise last night there was a demo day at the range. I hit a bunch of irons in my price range and was extremely impressed with the CG Golds. The cleveland rep kept trying to push the high bores on me with my high handicap, but the CG's were much easier for me to hit. I'm wondering if anyone here play's these clubs and has anything good or bad to say about them. Thanks in advance. Flux
  15. Ok, I did a search and didn't find too much on hip rotation in dealing with the follow through. I know that your belt buckle is supposed to be facing the target when you hold your follow through, but when am I supposed to start that rotation. I try to keep my body as still as possible on the back swing, with a little more weight on my front foot. I think I'm turning at the hip before I actually strike the ball. Are your hips supposed to be in sync with the shoulder turn. Meaning when you get back to the address position of your down swing should your hips start turning with the shoulder,
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