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  1. I got a set of Cleveland CG16s and I'm not sure if they are the right clubs. I have been losing distance because I'm getting older, so I went for the "increased distance" pitch. It seems that they are not longer though because they seem to balloon. I had been playing with Srixon 506s with S300 shafts. They are about an inch over, so the CG16s aren't longer, the lofts are just stronger. I really like the Srixons, but as I get older, my swing doesn't seem to be as consistent. I hit the CG16 Tours at a Demo Day and hit them well, but when I went back the next day, my back was sore, so my swing was out of wack. As a result, the rep recommended the CG16s over the CG16 tours. Are the light weight shafts as stiff as the S300s? Could that be the reason that the shots balloon. It seems that the more wind, the more it balloons. The clubs are great in that there is so much spin on the shot that it sits down on one hop or spins back, but the added spin with a higher trajectory may be a problem. As I have researched shafts, I have just gotten more confused. I would like forgiveness, but I want an iron that will give me a good feel on a full shot. I have two months of "playability guarantee"remaining, so I can exchange the set I bought. Any suggestions?