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  1. Thanks for the info everyone, that was a lot of info to read and digest. I suppose I should have mentioned that I guess it's a bit obvious if there is something about the hole that demands the fade/draw. (Such as a tree in the way, a dogleg, etc) I was more wondering about why they appear to hit draws when they are in the middle of a fairway and there is nothing in the way. Maybe it is the cameras depth of field and it's more of an illusion than what is really going on.
  2. So I have been playing for about 4 years, and I learn and get better each time. I have not spent much time practicing working the ball left to right, or right to left. Honestly, I'm not sure why I would want to be doing those things. I am very happy with how my ballstriking is, and I am finally very confident standing over a ball at address and have reasonable confidence that my ball is going to go to my target, and land somewhere near the target. So with that said, why when I watch pro golfers on TV do they start the ball dramatically off to the right and then curve it back towards
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by ****lfing We are at 50; urashanker took Jamo's spot. Roger that, if someone drops let me know!
  4. So does that mean there is room now? If so I'd like to be in, I was in last years!
  5. Ok great thanks for the reply. I have definitely employed the punch shot technique before, it was part of my game last season when things were getting out of control, but I seemed to forget about it. I'll work on this on the range this weekend!
  6. Hey everyone, I have been golfing since the fall of 2008 and truly love it. I have taken about 10 lessons and they have been invaluable to my game. I plan on taking more lessons this season with my pro (Marty from Redgate in Rockville MD). Anyway, a peculiar thing has happened lately with my long irons, especially my 4 iron. Just before impact I seem to be uncontrollably turning my clubface back towards downswing, or in other words away from my target. It has the effect of hitting the ball thinly with the very bottom of the clubface. If you picture just holding the club like normal at add
  7. Wow I'm glad I clicked this thread. All of this somehow is new information to me. I'm going to order some from lostgolfballs right now. their prices seem a bit better than knet. Thanks for the info!
  8. My best shot happened on hole 1 at Chesapeake Hills here in southern Maryland. Hole 1 is a dog leg to the right after about 180 yard tee shot. I was hoping to fade my tee shot a bit but it was dead straight, and then my second shot I hit pretty fat. I was 70 yards away for my third shot (I have a rangefinder). There is a bunker that is in front of the green as you approach, and a hill to the left of the green which feeds in a bit on your putts. I purposefully kicked it over the bunker and off the hill, letting it feed down to the hole and the thing sunk right in. What made it my best sho
  9. I just got back from being fitted by my local PGA for a set of G20 irons. The pro told me my current set was 1.5" too short for me, when I got to the range to test out the 7 iron I was just stunned at how easily I hit them. I went back to my old 7 iron (an X-22 which I wasn't fitted for) and it was like night and day. I never realized how much I had to reach with my old set. The trajectory with the G20s was a good bit higher and I definitely picked up some yards on the 7 iron, I'll hit it with the rangefinder when my set comes in and it gets warmer. I can't wait until they come in, even i
  10. Mine was Jan 1 as well. I'm in Maryland and fortunately it was around 65 degrees here that day. I've been taking advantage of the exceptionally warm winter all year so far!
  11. I have been having this same question internally with myself everytime I go out lately. I use a Callaway stand bag on a Sun Mountain push cart and the combination of the legs and the cart are just a terrible duo. The bag is CONSTANTLY sliding to one side or another. Often it will sag down and then get the left wheel hung up and I'm always adjusting it. I have been scouring reviews for a great cart bag to use with it. I seem to be favoring an Ogio but I don't know which model to go with. Any ideas?
  12. Will there eventually be 10 teams of 5? or 9 teams of 5 plus 5 individual teams?
  13. I joined this morning, only a few spots left. The Double Eagles - MD. Never played fantasy golf before, but it looks cool after I've read the scoring and how it seems to work. Good luck all and thanks for setting this up for us. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/sports/fantasysports/golf/basics/ This link might be helpful to other newbies like myself.
  14. I plan on playing once on the weekend once the local weather here warms up. Right now in the DC area its been mild, but Jan and Feb are usually non-playing months (for me anyway). I took a new job in September, which will not allow to play my usual 2-3 times per week like my old job. I miss working right next to a golf course
  15. BrianJ

    Range Finder?

    You most definitely won't be dissapointed with the V2. I used mine this past season as it was a Christmas gift and it was just brilliant. Easy to shoot targets, slope works great. All around a great item and invaluable to golfers like myself.
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