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  1. Except when it comes to promoting his own tourney at the expense of the Disney one.. Rumor had it that Arnie was very aggressive in the Orlando area, in sucking up most of the golf sponsors and $$$$$$.. Orlando was in no position to sponsor 2 major tourney's anymore.. Bye Bye Disney.. TY Arnie ..
  2. Nice topic.. I and friends have discussed many times what is important to a course rating.. So many of my friends are into aesthetics and view.. For them that is the number 1 voting category, "how does the course look".. I on the other hand to do rate a course based on what it looks like from the camera view.. I'm a semi pro photographer and know all about pictures and beauty, but eye candy courses are lower on my grade scale.. If I was a golf course critic, this is how my ratings would go: Conditions of the course (35%) Conditions of the clubhouse (30%) Layout of the c
  3. I think some confuse what "tee it forward" is suppose to be about.. It's not about your handicap, it's about your capability and length.. If you are not hitting the ball long enough to reach a par 4 in two with a short to mid iron on average, then move up.. I play with people that use a 7 iron on average but spray it everywhere, that doesn't mean for them to "move" forward.. However, I've seen others that hit the ball consistently, but have to use hybrid or fairway woods to reach par 4's in two.. Those are the ones that need to move up.. It amazes me how so many seniors play off the 6300 y
  4. Yeah.. Arnie is really showing is age.. BUT, he likes the attention and fame.. He's starting to be golf's version of Dick Clark.. There comes a time you just need to retire and move on, and stop being a celebrity.. But can their ego's let them?
  5. That is pretty much my stance.. I just feel this is just more PR political bs just to start drama, get attention and raise money.. I think it has little to do with what is best for the players and sport..
  6. I'm not real happy with the selection and how things went down.. Too many things rubbed me the wrong way.. I do feel that Larry Nelson got the short end of the stick in this bit of drama.. Granted, that was probably more of the media's doing then anything, but the PGA doesn't have clean hands either.. During the past months, even before Medina, people were already talking and discussing who will be the 2014 captain and why.. Obvious now, it was apparent that Tom Watson was their boy since the beginning of 2012.. They did make a 85 page book on why Tom is the best choice, and never once talked
  7. Wow.. are you really this brain dead stupid? Tell us how GPS systems are not a violation of the USGA rules? (cough).. You sir are a hypocrite to what is a violation to the "integrity" of the game person.. You have no problem calling someone a cheater that anchors their putter, but do you have the same balls to call ALL the millions of golfers that take gimme's and use a GPS cheaters too? or do you blindly ignore those rule violations? As Annika pointed out today on Morning Drive.. She has more issues with how caddies infringe on the game then an anchor putter..
  8. I get so sick and tired of hearing shit like this.. "integrity" of the game.... How many amateurs putt out every single hole.. Lets me honest here, This anchoring thing was just a public hanging against the pro's, generated by the pro's.. If people were so uppity about the integrity and rules of the game, there would be NO GIMME's in golf.. I can safely say that 80%+ of all amateur golfers and EVEN pro's when NOT in competition pick up gimme putts.. I wonder how many of the "pro-rule" change fans refuse to allow anyone in their group to take a gimme or a mulligan.. I think both gimme and mu
  9. And people wonder why golf isn't attracting the younger generation.. Maybe because the rules are so damn OLD, it's sadistic and pathetic.. The good ole boys are going to kill this industry.. Time for them to wake up.. Leagues are drying up, less and less rounds played each year, more course closings.. I can understand dress codes for work, and safety issues.. but it drives me nuts when places have them just to be anal, like country clubs and restaurants..
  10. We are all familiar with the "FedEx Cup" schedule followed by the Fall schedule, which normally ends first part of November.. Then in the US we have the off season until early January.. I wanted to ask, because I think it would be good for golf and viewers if ya'll would be interested in a new "Winter" season that has no effects on stats or positioning.. The Winter schedule would be a series of 6 events using multiple team formats.. Have the off season host events of 2 man scrambles, best balls, alternating shots or Stableford points system to name a few.. I can't speak for everyone, but I wou
  11. It will be interesting to see how Rory performs in 2013.. I would be surprised if he won 1 tourney.. Clothing doesn't all fit the same way, Shoes don't all feel the same, and Clubs sure as hell don't all perform the same way.. I'm still adjusting to my switch from Callaway blades to Adams.. Even when I was in the test simulator, I was a little surprised how much difference in comfort I had from one manufacturer from another.. I wish Rory the best of luck, but I have to wonder if he's becoming a $$ chaser, and will that end up effecting his game, and changing his career.. A 10 year contract i
  12. I like what NASCAR and the Olympics do.. If you win, get ready for the inspection or pee test.. Random smandom.. Just do a simple method.. IF you finish in the top 5, you are going to do a test.. NO EXCEPTIONS.. I really don't care that someone cheats and loses.. but when you cheat and win, you will be caught.. Make sure to have strict penalties too.. First offense, DQ from current week and 2 weeks suspension.. Second offense, DQ from current week and suspension for 1 year.. Thirst offense = PERMA BANNED.. Done..
  13. IMO.. This is a class example why some rules need to be revised.. Technically the USGA / PGA rules live in a vacuum.. Take me for example.. I live in Ohio and enjoy fall golf as weather permits, but IF you think I'm going to take penalty strokes because I'm moving leaves on my swing.. FORK THAT.. Do you know how often a ball can roll under some leaves in a bunker in the Ohio autumn? Often I lose balls because of the leaves.. ha ha.. The only way I can find them is to MOVE the leaves.. (penalty stroke)? I think not.. It's one thing when a loose object can honestly physically change the swing
  14. Please keep in mind that irons by themselves only do so much for ball flight.. Some will have strong > weak lofts, but that is only half of the picture.. For years I have played X-16 Callaways and my PW is 46 degree.. However my launch angles are super high, whereas another person can use the exact same club and not come close to distance or flight.. Tiger might use weak lofts, but he might have a stronger swing.. This is why so many club manufacturers are using adjustable drivers.. I use a R-5 by Taylor Made, and trust me, not all of us get the same ball flight with the exact same club.. As
  15. It really amazes me how people go nuts over sponsors.. I could care less what deodorant, car or golf clubs some celebrity uses.. I buy products that FIT me, not what some overpaid loon tried to convince me to wear.. I tried Nike products out years ago and I stay clear of them simply because of the fit.. There are other companies I stay clear of as well because of one reason or another.. But.. celebs make a killing on endorsements because stupid fans buy what their idols tell them to buy.. Amazing.. lol In any case good luck to Rory in whichever direction he goes.. Business is Business.
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