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  1. I hate that guy that tells you he doesn't like the shot choice you made. It's not your ****ing game *******! Play yours how you want , leave mine the f alone.
  2. Shot 94 today with 42 putts fml
  3. From my understanding the swing is on an arc before and after the ball. A good divot will be pointing a few degrees left for a standard straight at the flag swing with no English.
  4. if it were me I would concentrate on my weakest points first, learn how to hit your driver. It doesn't get much easier with how forgiving drivers these days. (yours being one of them)
  5. It is true that swig problems are magnified the longer the club but I would assume a slice would present it's self in other clubs as well. long irons, hybrid etc. Just keep practicing with that driver you'll get it. Do a YouTube search on how to fix a slice , maybe something will help you there.
  6. Shot a 46 +10 3600+ par 36. My best since I started playing this summer. I did it all with only a 3 wood! I had 17 putts, a best for me there too. Only one 3 putt, and it was also raining all damn day. Hope that stops soon
  7. Try putting some tape on the face of the driver, maybe you are hitting low on the face consistantly and don't know it. I know that can lose a good bit of distance.
  8. All the higher end clubs are good. If you want light the burner 2.0 are pretty light and the ping g15 are light as well, they also come with graphite but are a bit pricey. Nice thing about the ping is they can be matched to you. The x series are great, best thing is to head to dicks and start hitting clubs until one feels good.
  9. Keep a very low expectation for yourself, golf is a very hard sport I have come to find. I feel like I am pretty average for athletics and I have probably hit 10,000 balls since I started this summer and I'm barely breaking 100. Just wanted to put it into perspective. Oh and any callaway x series would be a great club . X18 x 20 etc
  10. Thank you very much for the encouraging words. You are exactly right, whats the use in hitting it a good ways if you can't use your scoring clubs! I played the front nine twice today w/ out a driver and shot 48 / 48. My goal is 44. I had 17 putts the first 9 which isnt bad for me, actually my best in putts. Had four 1 putts so got up and down 4 times but I had a few crappy chips and had to chip out a couple times (due to no angle at the flag after tee shot). Second 9 I had 21 putts and shot a 48 again, a tad better tee to green but putting fell. Now, if I could just combine the putting from th
  11. [RIGHT][/RIGHT][quote name="iacas" url="/t/52975/300-yard-carry-back-swing/36#post_645765"] I don't know about that (will show up when it's done converting). [/quote] Very cool analyses! Thanks for taking the time, I love mythbusters btw.
  12. I just ordered a new driver yesterday! The one I had was ballooning quite a bit, I tried my cousins 2.0 x stiff cut to 45 and loved it. Felt like I could really go for it, my s flex felt like jello in comparison. I really just want to learn to chip and putt better!
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