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  1. Haha that totally describes me in my teenage years, which is actually when I was playing my best and winning jr events. I think a lot of people like the feeling of being "loose." I must say tho... that I have grown to enjoy and strongly prefer a tucked in shirt and non-cargo shorts, it really does look much classier. And classy golf style can actually be more fun and marketable than the untucked shirt, cargo shorts etc. So I would say don't write off someone just because they are dressed a little sloppy for the course - but presentation is definitely part of perceptions, and even I now take better dressed golfers more seriously at first impression than those who are dressed for a concert. With the surge of youth who are into golf now, it is a very interesting time. At my course I see young guys with classic golf shoes, plaid pants, a tucked in polo, and then a big, blinged out Anthony Kim style belt buckle and fitted hat. It can be a good look. I think the most crucial thing is the tucked in shirt and non-cargo shorts.
  2. 3 Wood 5 Iron 8 Iron PW Putter this is really not unusual for me because when I started golf it was just with a few clubs. You can actually play pretty well this way and develop the feel for a lot of shots. You really get to learn how to use your hands.
  3. Never seen the Amateur live tho I think it would be great to see some future stars at a very hungry time. I have however played Pinehurst NO. 2 and it is awesome. Completely worth it.
  4. From what you are saying, you have the potential to be a very good golfer - not that you already are. You have the right focus, just keep working at it. When I was 14 I played to around a 6/7 and got made fun of all the time because I couldn't hit my driver more than 220 on average. I'd be hitting easy driver on 200 yard par 3s, but those would end up on the green, whereas a lot of guys trying to what a 6 iron would end up in the woods. If you can gain some power, go for it, but otherwise, I don't see why it would hold you back. Some of the better amateurs I know, including one family friend who has shot in the 60s, don't hit driver more than 210 yards. If you are playing from the correct tees it doesn't matter - that's why there are multiple tee boxes. I hit my driver 240-280 now and still usually play from the whites on a big championship course. I try to go for the 63-6500 yard range. Is there a tee box at your course around the 6200 yard range? Average drive of 200 yards on a 6500 yard course is stretching it a bit. Not that there's anything wrong with that - if you are looking for that kind of length challenge, then that's cool. However, something in the 6200 yard range might boost you to a single digits handicap and make you even more of a formideable force on the course... while having more fun :)
  5. By normal I am referring to just the regular, stock line of red cavity Callaway Big Berthas. Anyone have any feelings on these? I have VFT irons but am looking for one more set, maybe something I can keep in other cities where I live, including New Delhi where I don't want to keep a super nice set of clubs. Then again I played my best golf ever with graphite shafted X-12s. Anyone have any thoughts on these irons???
  6. looks like it's gonna be 70 and sunny today in NYC. sucks that I will be working for 10-12 hours though :/
  7. The transition might occur faster than you think. I also felt stuck in the 5-10 range and then suddenly dropped to a 4 when I found myself playing a lot more often. For me the three elements were getting in less trouble off the tee, more solid iron shots, and better putting (the most crucial). My response might sound like captain obvious but that's not the intended tone. Basically it's all about practice, practice, practice with a focus less on where you're hitting but on how you're hitting. You want to focus on consistently solid contact.
  8. that sounds like a milestone round. It will be a great spark for you. I remember shooting in the 60s for 9 holes not so long ago. You are on a good track. Go get 'em!
  9. Cobra has emerged as a powerhouse... used to be looked at as a "lower" Titleist but man they are on the top tier now. I might give the MBs a shot.
  10. ^^ Very well said! To people that are more serious about golf, distance is just not that important, especially when you are playing from the correct tees (that's a whooole other discussion right there lol). Last week I was in Florida and hit one of the longest drives of my life - about 307. But I literally forgot about it until I saw this thread. The putt I holed for fringe on another hole was exponentially more important, as was my bunker play.
  11. It's a lot like weight loss or muscle gain - you gotta really put in a big push at the beginning, it is frustrating... and then once u hit a certain level of kickstart, the progress is rapid. then when you get to almost scratch things start stalling again. But I gotta say going from a 10 to a 2 was one of the most fun experiences of my life... I'm dying to get back to that 2 range this year. Practice! With a purpose. Have a focus in mind, but don't overthink. Think a lot about how to play different shots, like what to do under a tree, how to work the ball. More than anything focus on your shots from 100 yards in - those are the feel shots, and feel will translate to helping every aspect of your game. It is difficult to get a low handicap but not as difficult as you might think. If you put in the effort you will suddenly find your cap decreasing without you even realizing it - until you look at your card and realize you've suddenly jumped from 12 to 10 and then 10 to 7 for a cap. The biggest difference by far I've experienced is that I am much more accurate now. Even my mishits are played "smarter" and end up in areas where a bogey can generally be saved. I'll still make several bogeys a round, but I used to make a lot more doubles. So much of it is mental. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I still focused on "bogey" as my par till I became around a 7 handicap.. I'd think of a 79 on a par 72 as "11 under." I think it's a good way to go, it takes away a lot of pressure, gives you some shots, lets you have fun, and you stay grounded. It was only until I reached 6 and 5 that I started thinking about how many over par I was, rather than how many under bogey golf.
  12. This is a really smart point and you make points that a lot of people overlook. In addition to these things, it's that they've worked so hard on their contact. Pros hit some bad shots, but few are "mis-hits"
  13. I've made some posts about this - people are lying. They don't understand that 270 is a BIG drive and is a product of good tempo and weight shift. I'm almost ready to make an infomercial on how to hit it 300+ every time - the answer is post on online forums. Seems to be a huge correlation. In my 15 years of playing I've played with maybe.... 3 people that can hit it 290+ on average.... I should tell the rest of the guys to start posting more on forums. Tiger Woods' actual workout routine: using the internet.
  14. As a longtime player of both Callaway and TM fairway woods... your answer is Mizuno. Nothing I've hit off the deck has compared to the Mizuno 3 wood I was demoing last summer.
  15. ArjunGFX


    this thread reminds me of one of my favorite moments in my experiences playing golf. 270 yard, very par 4. My buddy goes for hit, hits the front edge... I try to rip it and hit a grounder, a truly ugly shot that rolled about 160 or 170.... i mean it was a 100 yard shot that caught some hardpan on a downhill slope. My buddies are laughin it up. Second shot, take out a wedge.. downhill lie, still in the rough, i just hit a buttery shot that lands on a slope left of the pin and slowwwly drifts to the right.... boom dissapears into the hole for eagle. More laughs came out of it :) it was a lot of fun.
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