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  1. I shouldn't have said it was "tedious," and I didn't mean to imply that AimPoint takes a long time under normal circumstances. What I was getting at is that the method, while simple from a "science" perspective, requires adherence to a specific and somewhat exacting process. Determining the slope of a green quantitatively way is not something most people do naturally or intuitively. And for people who _don't_ know what you're doing, standing with your feet near the line while you sense the slope can look weird to someone, as can the finger thing, etc. I simply meant that I try to do all
  2. I own the DVD and did some reading about the method too. I've been putting this way for a little over a year. I would definitely spend $200 for an actual class, because the AimPoint express thing I have simplifies things I think. General thoughts....I love the method. I love when people come up with novel ways to solve problems. I love some of the things the method shows you, such as how, often, these things you hear people say like "every putt breaks toward the water tower" are often absolute bullshit. The first time I used it I was amazed. While no doubt there was some confirmation bia
  3. Do you actually mean that in the ballstriking option, you _just_ do the ballstriking? In other words, no putting allowed...you would pick up your ball on every green and not finish the holes out? If that's the case, then I'm not sure...I might choose the perfect striking round. It would be a fast round, exhilirating. I can't imagine what it would feel like to stand over every shot and _know_ I was going to flush it. I think it would be REALLY hard to resist the urge to actually putt and finish the holes. But if I did pick up on every green, at least I'd be able to fantasize about what I
  4. By your definition of luck - an extremely likely event that occurs - yes. But I am following the other poster's idea about "luck," that it is a manifestation of randomness which occurs continuously. And I still think we don't know the overall effect of luck on us because - even by your definition - we have selective memory.
  5. Yes! This is how I think about luck too. We don't really know how much "luck" helps or hurts us because there is luck or randomness on every shot. No, if you drive the ball in the center of the fairway, the random variations on the bounce aren't likely to have as dramatic an effect as, say, the direction of a ricochet off a tree. But on the putting green, tiny randomness can have big effects. It seems inevitable that, as someone has said, luck _really_ should have zero real effect, because since it is randomness, it should even out over time and show no "preferences." Similarly, th
  6. If you have shot rounds close to par on a reasonable-length golf course, then I would be almost certain you have the potential to pass the playing exam to be a PGA club professional. Regarding practice, it's probably already been said, but don't focus on the amount of time you have or wish you had. Focus on using the time you have most effectively. Paying for quality instruction is extremely important and will make you improve much faster. But you must find a good, qualified teacher and you have to have the patience to work with them conscientiously. If you have to borrow money or
  7. You asked someone to explain how the system works, and you were properly referred to source material. In the event you are looking for a quick summary, the reader's digest of what confuses most people at first about the handicap system is.... 1. It's not based on _all_ your scores, but your most recent _best_ scores. The ten best of your most recent twenty scores, to be exact. So it is really designed to predict your _potential best score_, not your typical score. 2. It's not based on your score versus "par," it's based on your score versus the course rating, which is sometimes the s
  8. I replace virtually everything about every 5-8 years. Usually the set makeup changes when I change things out. The soonest I've ever replaced an iron set is after about 3 years. Drivers as often as every 2, but I've used drivers for 6-7 years also. Putters....don't get me started
  9. This is easy. 2016, the Member-Member championship at my club. My partner was the reigning club champion. The format was 9 hole matches (5 of them), we were in the championship flight. I was playing at an 8 course hcp at that time and my partner was a 2 I think then. So we were giving strokes in every match, but won every match. A clean sweep. We had one match that was close, but most of them we just rolled. As sometimes happens when you play with someone who is really good, I sort of picked up on his rhythm or something, and I played better than my hcp, with three 9 holes gross scores u
  10. Big Lex

    Big Lex

  11. Late to this party......but this is an entertaining thread. Someone asked on Facebook "name a personal change you made which has brought you alot of happiness...." I answered that it was a change I made about 7 years ago in the way I responded to others' communication. Some people call it "allowing." Benjamin Franklin wrote about being "deferential." It means accepting, as much as possible, that everyone has a certain internal view of reality that is valid for them. Yes, definitely, most men "lie" about how far they hit a golf ball. But they have their reasons. And it doesn't matter. Not to me
  12. The first time I tried to actually hit shots with sunglasses on, I had difficulty making solid contact (um...compared to without glasses 🙂 ). So I got in the habit of taking them off for shots. ....And, predictably, this lead to me eventually losing a pair of glasses on the course, taking them off and dropping them to the ground preparing for a shot, and then getting caught up in the shot and forgetting them. Sun damage to lenses and corneae is a significant issue obviously, and we should wear sunglasses 100% of the time we are outdoors, year round, end of story. I don't, because I
  13. I think there are two main reasons. The most important one, mentioned a couple of times, is that it's largely a matter of choice. Although "golf" unites everyone from a driving range pro to Tiger Woods, the fact is that being a teaching pro and a touring competitor differ as much as jobs as do a plumber and an accountant. I think being a professional competing athlete is one of the last things I'd want to do. Even if you do make it to the top, the competitive and financial reward may be there, but often at the expense of any semblance of a normal life, the constant risk of life-altering injury
  14. Chipping/pitching game on the practice green at my course on the way to work. About 20 minutes. Hamstring stretches. Putting on the aimline trainer thing. Backswing drill
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