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  1. I would love to see a tournament format akin to speed chess. The players get a certain amount of time to play their shots, to play each hole, something. I'm not looking for a speed golf tournament per se; I know there are records maintained for speed golf, and that's sort of a thing in and of itself. But what I would like to see are occasional alternate format events on the PGA tour. One such event could be where they are only allowed to carry 7 clubs (or 5, or whatever). What I would be after in the speed golf event would be that the player gets to his ball and is given the yardag
  2. Impressive. I would want to see what the differential typically is in all tournaments, and also in majors. Obviously the winners of any tournament will have the best SG numbers for that tournament. But what is the usual amount the winner exceeds others? And is it typically in approach shots? Or is it more often in driving? Or putting? etc.
  3. Thoughts on "Majors:" The Majors are whatever "we" say they are. Right now there is consensus on a certain 4, but it wasn't always this way. Who was the first person to say "major championship?" I have heard it was Jack Nicklaus, but I don't know how you verify this. Bobby Jones once said that calling the Masters, PGA, US Open, and (British) Open Championship the "Grand Slam" was _wrong_. To him, the grand slam was the open and amateur championships of both the US and the UK. Today this would be impossible, but you can see how it would have been a more prestigious grand slam in
  4. I did a very unscientific and quick search of scientific literature on this.... I believed that there is likely almost no variation in BMR between individuals...it is linked to body mass and that's basically it. I was wrong; there is some variation in experimental studies. Meaning....even if you account for differences in muscle/lean mass, fat mass, etc. etc., some people burn more calories just staying alive than others. What causes the variation is not known, but the amount of variation is still quite small. As an example, one study of 150 subjects found a difference o
  5. I think it's ok. Arm locking looks "odd" and is less golf-like than a conventional style, but it is not as weird as the long putter, anchoring, broomstick style. And FWIW, it sure seems like some guys "soft anchor" against their shirt rather than pushing firmly into their chest, so there are always limits to what you can do with rules.... I've found there's a trade off in putting...lots of things we do to reduce variability also seem to reduce feel. I've tried arm lock style putting, and I guess that while it maybe reduces or eliminates the error of "flipping" the putter head through impa
  6. @hoonnirun make sure when you get your new grip, you are careful not to fidget and regrip before swinging. I took a golf lesson from Kathy Whitworth when I lived in TX and she spent a good part of the lesson on my grip. She showed me that I took a good grip to begin with, but that as I waggled and got ready to take the club back, I was regripping the club stronger. If you do this, it can be a very strange feeling to take your grip and then concentrate on not moving your hands and fingers around at all as you take your address and start the swing.
  7. I've had success with holding the angle. Unfortunately, I've had an equal amount of failure with holding the angle. For as many times as I've held the angle and gotten a nice, crisp, clean contact on a chip, I've gotten fatted ones, boned/skulled ones, and chili-dipped ones. Here is what I _think_ can happen if you get really carried away with holding the angle. "Holding the angle" also may mean different things and it can be easy to get confused without pictures, but I will try. Please, Sand Trap readers, correct me if I am wrong with this. If holding the an
  8. I think you are correct...articles such as this are written as clickbait; who doesn't want to see "proof" that you can be a couch potato and burn as many calories as some indigenous person who runs around for 8 hours a day? The headline of the article isn't the whole story; in fact, the article itself is pretty thin on it's recounting of the actual clinical study, very inexact. Again, I am reasonably sure that - apart from some gender, race, and age differences which are probably very small, percentage-wise - metabolic rates do not differ very much from person to person. If I require X c
  9. You hear this kind of story alot. I don't believe it. While there are always details about things known only to experts, for the most part "metabolism" is simply the sum total of chemical processes which sustain life; they are comprised of chemical reactions which generate energy for cellular function and the conversion of food to building blocks of tissues such as muscle proteins, adipose tissue, etc. The products of metabolism are either energy which is consumed, or energy which is converted to matter for growth or storage. It is by definition in constant balance, meaning what you consume an
  10. I shot a 10 at Watchung Valley. Up and down from a bunker for par on 1. Curiously weak shots on 2, leading to a double bogey 6. Searing pain on two swings on 3, withdraw. For the moment I am blaming myself for misuse of a Theragun, although it could be a new disc issue. Out of action for a month I think. Aging SUCKS.
  11. Yes, indeed, anyone (most of us) have or will struggle with mental health issues at some time in our life. And not for nothing, but contrary to the oft-opined view that professional golfers have it made, I think the life they live is pretty difficult. I'm not sure it's anything I'd want for myself or anyone I loved ... even if they were an elite player and a multimillionaire from it. It's an intense life, grueling physically and mentally, and you have to be pretty driven to make a career of it. Physical health is also pretty strongly linked to mental health, so there's that, too.....
  12. I think I understand your premise @Vinsk but I don't follow to your conclusion. I would agree that - all other things being equal - saying that you don't want to enter an event because you have to isolate from family for a week could be interpreted as being whiney, primadonna-ish, whatever. But he doesn't have any obligation to play anywhere. It's not like he has a contract to play a given number of tournaments, and he's trying to shirk his responsibility with a lame excuse. For whatever reason - and his reasons are his business - he doesn't feel up to it. I don't see where he owes
  13. Matsuyama was vaccinated. At least that's what they said on PGA Tour radio this morning if I'm not mistaken.
  14. @mvmac, thanks...all of it is a really impressive transformation. To have changed your golf swing that much is really impressive. The body changes too. I am a mediocre player and currently dealing with injury issues, but I'm a theory geek as well. I have been tempted to go see Jacobs as well, out of intense curiosity; I think he's the best out there with regard to biomechanical understanding of the swing. I think many modern teachers are quite informed by biomechanics, and with the use of video, modern teaching is alot more valid than the way they taught 20-30 years ago. I think - but I'
  15. It's ridiculous. It's unreasonable, unscientific, and transparently disingenuous. They want to butter their bread on both sides. If it's that serious a problem, there should be NO spectators.
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