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  1. Hello, I've been having a few 'franks' every other round as well lately and the most frustrating thing is it is the difference between a round in the 70's or 80's for me being a 7 handicap now. Even more frustrating and painful at time is if I drop a brand new ProV1 and the only hit it gets is a 'frank' into the woods. I'll likely see it displayed in an egg carton sometime later this summer by the golf course ball vendor on the 14th hole. Anyways, there was an article by Butch Harmon in last months Golf Digest suggesting his theory on the 'franks'. Sorry I just can't utter the word... spo
  2. That's because he's usually always inside the distance a driver off the deck will get him. He's long... and REALLY good, remember?
  3. I had a thought (though perhaps someone else has already made mention to it earlier in this thread) of buying a HT (high trajectory) lofted driver to use as my '3 wood' replacement. I've hit a few 3 woods recently that really hasn't rewarded me much and thinking how much more forgiving the driver is nowadays especially off the tee I was thinking of adding a higher lofted driver in my bag and replacing the 3 wood. I would figure hitting off the deck to be a little more difficult than a 3 wood since it has a longer shaft, but perhaps the big headed driver with the added loft, increased MOI and
  4. Yesterday: 5 iron from a fairway bunker that was 179 yards to the center of the green into the wind and pin tucked back left of the green. Water on the left. Opened the clubface up a degree to make sure I didn’t draw the ball too much and also to add loft to get over the lip of the bunker. Slightly forward in my stance to try and catch it on the upswing too… all planned in my mind as what I wanted to do and never in my wildest dreams did I think I could execute all stages of the plan… but I did and hit it right at the pin and it landed and rolled to within 2 feet for a birdie putt. It was
  5. 30.6 putts/round so far this year.
  6. Some of the 'Big Headed' drivers (460cc) are better suited now to hit off the deck as some of the designs (most notably the Cleveland HiBore drivers and even the graphite crowns of some including the one I use (Mizuno MX-500) lower the center of gravity by pushing the crown down and extending the back or using a lighter weighted material on top to distribute more weight at the bottom. All this helps get the ball in the air. Since reading this thread I tried it at my range and I can honestly say I hit the ball fairly cleanly 7 out of 10 times. I'm still adjusting the stance as to where I put
  7. I've been a traditionalist with putters (blade) my entire life and I just gave up my Mizuno TP Mills grain flow forged blade for a Ping i-Series Craz-E putter. I love the weight of it and although the thing looks much like the space craft you describe with your TM Monza the increased MOI as a result of the shape is definitely a stroke saver. You can hit the putt on the toe or heal and it will go towards your intended target line without loss of speed. There is so much momentum built up behind the heavy head it really does feel like it's doing all the work. All you're doing is lining it up.
  8. I just got one (Craz-E) over this past weekend and was only able to 'test' it on two courses. I faired much better playing with it on the second course as I got use to the feel of the head and weight of the putter which is something completely different than my outgoing Mizuno TP-Mills blade which I liked very much. I didn't need to get a new putter as my stats indicate that I'm putting 1.70 putts per hole which is not too bad. But I was in a store this weekend to look at the Ping Karsten Series putters that achieved the Gold rating by Golf Digest. At $100 it was something I was definitely
  9. Driver: Mizuno MX-500 - $200 3 Wood: Cleveland Launcher - $150 Hybrid 3: Titleist 585 19* - $125 Hybrid 4: Taylormade Rescue Mid 22* - $125 Irons: Cleveland CG4 - $400 GW: Cleveland 588 50* - $80 SW: Mizuno MP-T Series 56* - $50 LW: Mizuno MP-T Series 60* - $50 Putter: Ping i-Series Craze - $140 Bag: $50 Cart: Sunmountain Speed Cart - $225 Total: ~ $1595 plus taxes All equipment bought were either new but at least last year's models or slightly demo'd meaning I would inspect them first and make sure they 'looked' new. Thus the lower than advertised prices from their
  10. tigerwoo


    I wear them now more than ever since both my parents and parents of friends have had cataract surgery recently. Wearing protective sunglasses apparently helps prevent cataracts from developing.
  11. A typical lie in the rough as experienced by yours truly last week at Torrey Pines. This was the result of my 2nd shot from the fairway that I badly missed on the Par 5, 6th hole. It was 40 yards short of the green and way wide... I hacked this baby out using a 60 degree lob wedge with an almost vertical swing. I was 5 yards short of the green but managed to get up and down for a par.
  12. I had a chance to play Torrey Pines twice about a week and a half ago (while on holidays) in near US Open setup. Rough was unbelievable (you have to see it to believe it) and the greens were running around 11 on the stimp meter. Scored 95 on the first day with 3 triples and a few doubles as a result of poor driving and trying to advance the ball too far down the fairway when I should have hacked out sideways. Scored 86 the second day with 14 bogeys and 4 pars. Much more disciplined play (hacked out 45 degrees from rough to fairway everytime) but the driver was still killing me as I hit 2
  13. Just played from the white tees last week (6700 yards, 74.3, 136) and shot an 86 and I thought I did quite well though I only hit 2 fairways. If my driver is behaving somewhat, I think it is doable as long as you take your medicine (when you don't hit the fairway off the tee) and chip it out of the rough at 45 degrees with a wedge in hand regardless of how far you are from the hole. The try to go for bogey or perhaps on occasion an up and down. Adding another 900 yards (50 yards per hole) would likely make it much more difficult but I think subtract the cameras and fans and hoopla of a US O
  14. I managed to play Torrey South twice last week extending a Disneyland trip south to San Diego/La Jolla. My friend lives in Del Mar and was able to 'lend' me his friend's resident card and I was able to get on for a mere $42 on Thursday morning and $49 on Friday. However, both mornings were very early standby outings where I arrived at 4:30am each morning only to be bested by 10 others on each day. I thought I was the crazy golfer! Anyways, we tee'd off around 6am on both days and I had a fabulous time. However this time the golf course was a different beast as I've played the south in the
  15. Well, in our neck of the woods, housing prices have gone up 100% in 5 years. Unfortunately my salary has only gone up 20% in that same timeframe.
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