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  1. I am currently a 13 handicap on my home course. All MGA events as well as our weekend dogfights are all strictly by the rules. All handicaps are turned in and recorded. I prefer to play strictly by the rules so I know my handicap is accurate. We don't even concede putts, everything has to be putted out. If you loose a ball in the leaves, you back to the tee box. The only time I will play a round and may not record is if I am playing with my wife and kids who are just learning and I am spending more time working on their game or looking for the golf balls. When we play as a family I will go thru all the rules for them as we go along. I will enforce the rules for them as speed of play allows. Golf is a game of integrity. Messing around with handicaps and not recording properly at least 95% of the time leads to all kinds of problems. If golfers just want a relaxing round of golf all the time, then they should be very careful when entering their "handicap" for tournaments or wagers.
  2. I try to go year by year. Last year, I tried to create a basic swing that would allow more consistency. This year I worked again on consistency with my driver and irons and now brought my handicap from an 18 to a 13. Next year, I am working on my short game from 80 yards in and reducing my number of putts per round. My goal is to get closer to winning our club championship and I will only get there thru consistency. I don't have too much time to dedicate to practice so I am taking it slow and looking at each bad shot as a chance to make a next great shot. Rereading Golf is not a game of perfect helps too.
  3. Watch Feherty's interview with Greg Norman for more clarification on the advice he would offer Tiger (overcoming adverstiy and defeat, etc) and also in the interview he covered all the so-called rumors he has heard about himself over the years. It as a great interview.
  4. Completely agree. Gamemanship really has no place on the golf course. Everyone I know that does play those games are generally a$
  5. Breaking 80 is breaking 80 period. Its a bar that we set, plan and simple. The best way to look at is that you played extremely well and that your score is a personal goal. I have not broken 80. I have had four 80's and last week had another. I tripled a par 3 17th hole by double kissing a wedge green side. Took the two strokes and missed the put, but I played great all day. Grinded out an 80 and was really proud. Be proud of your round and strive to do it regularly.
  6. I have a pair of their shorts and I love them. Very comfortable.
  7. I had Golfers Elbow for three years and almost had to give up golf. Did it all, straps, stretching and anti-inflamatories, nothing worked. Had 5 cortozone shots and physical therapy, nothing. At the end of my rope, couldn't lift anything with palm side down, life was a misery. If I hit a golf ball a bit fat, I got shooting razorblades in the elbow. A friend recommended acupuncture, desperate I tried it. I was very skeptical but after a couple of sessions, the elbow felt better. A couple of more and I was cured. Now occassional stretching and the elbow is fine. If it gets that far, don't go with cortozone go with a local acupunturist.
  8. My averages are very similar (4iron 185 to 195, driver 285) and over the past few years picked up some options. I have a 18 and 22 degree hybrid, which I use when I want my ball flight a bit lower. I have the 3 and 5 woods. My 5wood is about 225/235 and by 3 wood is about 245/250. My five wood gives me more of an advantage when I need a higher ball flight and the ball to sit softer than with the hybrid but all of this depends on the types of course you are playing. I will only hit driver on 4 to 5 holes on my home course and would pull the driver completely but those holes are very long.
  9. I purchased the 2.0 Superfast TP stiff shaft a few months ago and love the club and am hitting more fairways. I bought the 2.0 instead of the R11 because I did not want to start adjusting everytime something new crept into my swing. While I don't like hitting bad shots I want to adjust the bad habits rather than the club.
  10. I am very conservative in my work attire but that's me. I don't have a problem with JD wearing Loudmouth to an event dinner. I think he would look worse in a suit. I have a pair of Loudmouth shorts and have to say they are very comfortable.
  11. I suffered from severe tendonitis for 2 years and was at the point where I was going to have to quit playing. Everytime I took a divot, it felt like razorblades slicing up my elbow joint. I had 5 cortozone shots and physical therapy and nothing worked. I was literally at the end of my rope when a friend suggested acupunture. Being desperate I began treatments and 6 sessions later my elbow felt pretty good. I am now a believer. It had similar success with some shoulder pain. Three years later I haven't had a bit of pain. Time to time it gets tight and I have to stretch it out. I am back lifting weights and my swing speed is back up to 109.
  12. I try to walk as much as possible in the cooler months and then grab a cart in the summer months. I play the same either way but enjoy walking and getting exercise but also like riding in a cart with a friend and having a beer or two as well. Golf is my time to myself. Walking or riding, its all about me and the game.
  13. What a difference between Indian Wells and Disney! The level of talent is so much higher and the sportsmanship is commendable. Other than a few clubs thrown and that one guy who wanted to beat everyone up, the show have been pretty good. I like Kent to win it but David is certainly a grinder.
  14. X129, the request is for a charity. Giving of yourself for others. Sounds like you should look it up in a dictionary and try to practice it a bit in your life. Helping others in need, makes a difference in your life. Try it sometime.
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