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  1. GOODWILL!!! it's a hidden gem. i find a lot of lightly worn and like new brand name golf polos at my local goodwill. sometimes i even find a couple club/tournament polos as well from the area. another place i buy golf clothes from are Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Gordmans. polos, shorts, golf pants all range from as cheap as $12-$40. I recently bought a full Nike golf rain suit from TJ Maxx for $25! and every pair of golf pants (Nike and Tiger Woods brand) i have bought from Ross or Marshalls, with the most exspensive ones being $35 (MSRP was $60+). so check these stores out frequently
  2. Just curious as to what the difference is, if any? I have read that the Penta TP and Penta TP practice balls are the same balls. Just trying to get some more opinions on this topic: is there any difference between the $45/dzn tour balls and the $25/dsn practice balls?
  3. I was just wondering how soon can members at golf courses that have PGA tournaments can get back to playing on the course? For example, this weeks Bay Hill Invitational, how soon will the members be allowed back out onto the course?
  4. haha i wish! I have been wanting to go play at windermere but just haven't had the time because of the holidays, family, etc. What are your thoughts on that course zipazoid? I've never played there.
  5. Hey fellow golfers, Hope everyone is having or had a good holiday season. I had a question that I was hoping maybe someone could help me out with. I am currently a 13.5 handicap (I enter my scores at oobgolf.com) and noticed that when I play from certain tee boxes (usually middle tees or one behind that, but usually around 6100-6300 yds) my handicap will remain the same, get lower, or increase. I have been trying to figure out why this happens because I am usually consistently shooting in the high 80s and low 90s (usually 87-92). What do I need to do to consistently lower my handicap? P
  6. how do you remove the club head? do u do that yourself? and if u do, how do u put it back on?
  7. for real haha, i have 2 and i have a hard time deciding sometimes. hopefully i can find one i will use every time. but until then I guess i will play whichever i feel will better suit my game that day.
  8. which ones do u plan on selling? im interested in seeing what you have.
  9. those are some nice putters you got there rebby. where do you get them customized at? i'm looking into possible getting a SC Newport 2 if i dont decide on a mallet.
  10. I own currently own 2 putters(TM ghost Daytona & Callaway Apollo S2H2) and am thinking about adding a 3rd putter(most likely a mallet or half mallet) to my arsenal. How many putters do you have and how often do you switch putters if you have multiple putters?
  11. Just wondering what you all carry with you/bring with you onto the course for every round. Obviously Golf clubs and a golf bag. But what else? Like a range finder, divot tool, etc.
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