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  1. Problem Turning Hands Over

    The picture above right is exactly what I'm doing
  2. Problem Turning Hands Over

    Thanks I appreciate the responses
  3. Had my first lesson of the year the other day, it was the first in a couple years as I did not play at all last year. There were a few issues that I have to address, but I was advised to start working on keeping my lead wrist flat at impact and then rotating my hands over. After watching the video of my swing it's apparent that my left wrist is breaking down just after impact (I'm right handed). I have my swing video from my lesson, and I will try to get it up here shortly. Basically I'm looking for drills to fix this. I was advised to try swinging the club like a bat until I get the feel of turning my wrist over , however once I put a ball in front of me I revert back to my original swing. Sorry for being long winded but I'm a little frustrated, Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?
  4. Pair of True Linkswear Vegas. They were incredibly comfortable when I tried them on.
  5. Golf lessons - Do you take them?

    I took a few lessons a couple years ago and really enjoyed them. Then unfortunately I took last year off when life got in the way, but the good news is that I just had a lesson yesterday and plan on continuing with several more this season.
  6. Who would you like to see next on the Haney Project?

    Manny Pacquiao or maybe Georges St. Pierre. I think Clinton would be entertaining or maybe Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) could be pretty funny.
  7. Matt Every's damned putter

    Yeah that thing is pretty wild. I cant stop thinking that it looks like he is putting with a VHS tape
  8. Hello from northern Illinois!!!

    Hello and welcome. Nice to see another Chicagoland golfer on the boards.
  9. Sometimes when I'm at the range I will hit a slump and it's times like these that I wish I had an instructor with me. It is hard to explain after the fact what I was feeling and how I was hitting the ball. I think it would be a great resource to have an instructor that could step in when I hit certain errant shots and tell me exactly what is happening within my swing that is creating the issues. This direct feedback would be great to have so that when it happens in the future I will have a better idea of what is causing it and how to try and fix it. That said, I think I might ask my current instructor if he is willing to take our lesson out on to the course or range. If he agrees then I will have a good idea as to where I will want to continue in the future. Thanks for all of the comments thus far and all of the great points you brought to my attention.
  10. I feel like I am at the point where I am fairly comfortable with my swing and ball striking abilities, the only exception being my driver. I am thinking that I may be to the point where taking my lessons out to the course or range may be more advantageous. I live in the Chicagoland area and sadly I will probably be shelving my clubs for a few months.
  11. As a fairly new golfer I could really use some advice on whether or not I should change instructors. I have taken 3 lessons in as many months and they have all been with a PGA pro at a local Golf Galaxy. This is my first season golfing and I have been satisfied with my improvements up to now. The lessons are taped and I like how they get emailed to me with a short list of recommendations as I can watch it on my phone while at the range. However I cant help but think that I may be missing out on some benefits by simply hitting balls into a net. Sometimes I feel like the best place to take a golf lesson would be out on a golf course, or somewhere that I can see my ball flight. So for those of you who have experience with lessons, do you think that it would be more beneficial to find an instructor that takes my lesson out on to the course, or should I be confident that viewing my swing on the cameras will be enough to make the changes that I need? I would really appreciate any and all suggestions/comments.
  12. Last night I went out and bought my very first driver. I have noticed in the last couple weeks several posts have been made regarding first time buyers and the purchasing process, so I figured I would write a brief description of my experience. My wife took me to golf galaxy last night to purchase my driver and I must say that the staff there was very helpful and patient as I am a beginner to the sport. I told the gentleman that my budget was $200 or less and he went and got me every new club that fit that budget. In all I hit four clubs (Diablo Octane, Cobra S3, Nike SQ Machspeed Black, and an Older Model Burner all 10.5 Reg. Flex). As I was hitting one club he would go and find me another. He never pushed me to move any faster and probably would have let me hit all night long. He even went as far as offering me tips on how to begin isolating which clubs I hit better and felt better. I must say that I was a little nervous initially as I am very inconsistent with a driver and I now had this gentleman watching me. But he was very positive throughout my time in the simulator and all in all it was a great experience and I was very satisfied. The decision: I hit the Cobra S3 the worst out of the bunch and it felt a little heavy in my hands which was a surprise because I had high hopes for this club. In the end it just didn't feel right and I put it to the side. The Older burner model just wasn't doing it for me at all. I didn't hit it well and I really wasn't very confident when using the club therefore it went on the side as well The Nike and Diablo Octane were my favorites. I hit the Octane consistently longer than the nike, however I noticed that I was having some control issues as I was spraying the balls around a bit. The nike had a little less distance but I could put together a nice little grouping in the middle of the fairway and almost all the balls I hit were pretty straight. In the end I liked the feel of the Nike better and I preformed more consistently with this club which in turn gave me a bit more confidence with it. This club is very forgiving and seemed to fit me the best, so my wife grabbed it from me and bought it as my first anniversary present. The bonus was that I had just received golf galaxy coupons in the mail, which I wasn't even going to give the cashier because according to the website they should not have worked for this club. But to my surprise she scanned it and it went through. Needless to say I was really happy about how the price worked out. Originally $299.99 Sale price $199.99 Coupon -$40.00 Gift Card -$40.00 So W/Tax My wife only paid $137 I hope this can be of some help to potential buyers or people who may be intimidated by going out to a store and making their first club purchase. Good luck to all of those who are going to be buying their first club(s) and my advice to you is take your time and hit everything you might be interested in. And lastly because all this text is no fun without pics here it is:
  13. I'm looking for my first driver and am in that exact price range too. I am going to be checking out the Diablo Octane, Nike SQ Machspeed Black, and the Cobra S3 and S2. These are the three I am most interested in hitting while at the store, but I am going to be looking at all my options while there. Have fun shopping and I'd be interested to hear what you decide on