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  1. i had a sumo2 with the stock shaft, i hit the v2 into a net and it felt like a total different animal. i now have a hibore with a v2 shaft and absolutly love it. much better weight and feedback. it lets me know when i make a bad swing.
  2. well since no one here was giving me any help i decided to start bidding on a set of pro II on ebay. i lost at the last second but still wanted a set. the next day i wondered into my golf store that literally has everything and looked around in a section of iron sets marked closeouts. the very first set i laid eyes on (out of about 100 sets of irons) were a set of mizuno t-zoid pro. i asked if he had a set of pro II laying around and he said the only set he had was still NEW. he said he would take $100 for the used pros though so i hit a few balls into the net and told him i would take them h
  3. wal-mart has the fiftys. im not sure about the zips, i looked last week but they didnt have any.
  4. they were still made new in 2000. im sure someone on here is old enough to have played them.
  5. no one here has used tziod irons? i was looking at the pro II model. any thoughts?
  6. did any of you guys use to play the t-zoid line of mizuno irons? which set of the t-zoids did you like the best? im considering buying a set and wanted to know which set to look into. what was some of the differences in each model?
  7. yeah on the website it says their is a vegas location and an atlanta location.
  8. i was also impressed with the fiftys. i liked them a lot more than the more expensive 3 piece tx3 or whatever its called. ill look for the zips, i havent heard of them. what are they supposed to do?
  9. thanks for the sggestions guys. in the other thread someone said they played bears best for around $150 but in their website it says around $250? how do i get the cheaper rate?
  10. im headed to vegas in feburary for a business trip. im staying at the hilton. saturday i will have all day to play golf. where should i play? please provide link and prices please.
  11. i have a 1h and a 2h. i hit the 15° higher than the 18° i guess because of the shaft difference. i hit both well, i replaced a calloway xhybrid in 18° im like you i got them because i cant hit a 3 wood off the deck. it was a good decision for me, maybe it will work for you too.
  12. you can get a 7.5 w/proforce v2 in x-stiff from tgw at no extra charge. thats the only upgrade tgw has available right now.
  13. i think the mizuno mx, calloway x20 or tm r7 would be perfect for you. i think you wouldnt like the cleveland cg4 or the tm rac. demo them all and let us know ;)
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