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  1. Brace yourself, old chap. I sense terse reminders that the British Open in the late '60s and early '70s had slightly weaker fields than a Sunday medal at the Salina Kansas Country Club, may soon be headed your way. ...And yes, Tiger is the GOAT. And Jack is sort of the smaller, older, back-up GOAT. Or 2nd place GOAT. Reserve GOAT. Call it what you will.
  2. Ha! I was always tempted to buy him a copy of the classic Golf My Way, resplendent with artwork depicting Jack in his plaid-clad '70s pomp, hitting fades (deliberately, and fades as opposed to slices, lest there be confusion on that score).
  3. Of course there's a difference. One is the deliberate ball flight of an expert golfer, and the other is an occasional mishit by a mid-to-high handicap amateur golfer. I had a friend who used to periodically ruminate on the re-emergence of his hacker's slice off the tee with a rueful, "Ah, the Nicklaus power-fade. Finally, there it is."
  4. Well one would hope, given he's a top PGA Tour golfer, major winner, and an athlete in peak condition, as opposed to a middle-aged academic playing the local goat tracks as time away from teaching (online) class permits.
  5. If skying it and missing the fairway in the process is an achievement, I feel my talents are going unrecognized.
  6. I agree with the pool analogy. Something more boring than watching professional pool is playing with an exceptional player. I have a friend and colleague who regularly wins or places very highly in club competitions. Honestly, much as I like him, playing pool with him is dull. I miss a shot, he's in among the balls, and it's all over. I may as well concede when I miss. Clearances off the break are not uncommon for him, either. I'm on the point of asking if I can take a couple of balls off the table after I break. I appreciate his incredible skill, watching it, though, would soon become boring.
  7. Classless "fan," and a thin-skinned golfer. All in all, a depressing little situation.
  8. Probably his depressing realization that the high point has been reached, and passed.
  9. Ah, the rapier wit. Tommy's PGA Tour trophy case looking about as full as Hall of Famer Colin Montgomerie's. For now.
  10. https://www.igfgolf.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/IGF-Nationality-Policy-1.pdf
  11. The Golfing Union of Ireland is to Ireland (both north and south) as the USGA is to the US. It existed "before the border" because it predates the 1916 uprising, the founding of the Republic of Ireland, and the partition of Ireland on 3rd May 1921, which, in this context, is meaningless anyway, because it's an amateur golf association for a geographical area, not a political jurisdiction. Your post makes zero sense.
  12. "Britain" is the island of Great Britain - England, Scotland, and Wales. The United Kingdom is the unified nation comprised of 4 countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has its own devolved government (currently suspended) and remains part of the United Kingdom. What to do about the free movement of persons across the Irish border, assuming the UK leaves the EU, is what has tied the Brexit situation in knots, as Northern Ireland is part of the UK, not an independent country, nor is it unified with the Republic of Ireland. This situation may change
  13. If they're watching it on the telly in a pub on the Shankill Road, maybe. What to say? Northern Ireland, it's all a bit confusing. People who are Northern Irish yet Irish, Northern Irish yet British, and people who are Northern Irish, yet Irish and British. It's a minefield. All I can say, having visited there many times (family in Belfast), is people seem far more chilled out about it all than was the case 25 years ago.* *just an English person's opinion looking at Northern Ireland. Only an Northern Irish person can answer your question properly, assuming there even is a d
  14. Oh well, Tommy playing for 2nd place on his own now. Fair play to Lowry, it's been a great performance by him. This final round was never edge-of-the-seat stuff, but still very entertaining to watch.
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