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  1. When the likes of Mr. Poulter take to social media to show off a fleet of Ferraris, part of me is inclined to say "Good luck to the guy," but I'm not going to feel sorry for him that a Celtics point guard makes more in an afternoon than he makes in a year. If it's the "sports entertainment" business, then the rewards are presumably proportionate to the popularity of the entertainment on offer. The slice of hypocrisy in me, in light of this blatantly capitalist statement, is if the PGA had launched an initiative comparable to the old "benefit" games that some sports used to hold for r
  2. For the first time in however many years I hadn't been keeping up with the Masters. Checked the leaderboard a moment ago. Hideki? Oh yeah! This is good. Hideki is a proper fookin' golfer, la. This'll do nicely. Good luck tomorrow, Hideki. You're well overdue a major, and this one will do perfectly. I'll tune in tomorrow to watch you fit into a green jacket.
  3. There's a beautiful stretch of road from Dayton, OH, to Charleston, WV. US-35. Four lane highway, empty once you get into the countryside. I found myself asking, "Why are all these locals with Ohio plates driving exactly on the speed limit?" Luckily, I saw the black & white snout of an Impala sticking out from behind a bush in the median, just in time.
  4. "Low level?" Jeez. After 15 years in the states, whenever I'm back home in the UK I have to remind myself that the speed limit isn't like the serving suggestion on a frozen food product. They seem to actually mean it over there. 87 in a 45? Is there enough space on a UK licence to write down all the points? *There are plenty of states in the US, too, where that speed = Misdemeanor reckless driving. He's lucky the cops decided they didn't have the evidence to throw the book at him. Another strange feature of some US states (I don't know about California), the cop has to actually clock you,
  5. I agree with @Darkfrog I hope he retires and enjoys his life. He has absolutely nothing left to prove in golf. I was a die-hard Jack type on the famous/infamous Jack v Tiger thread for a while, and I have to admit he's the undisputed GOAT. He had his Jack in '86 moment at the 2019 Masters but, truth be told, given all he'd gone through, it was a far greater achievement than Jack in 1986. He's the GOAT. If he got off his hospital bed Lazarus-style and won another green jacket in April it wouldn't prove anything we don't already know. Good luck to him; it's been a wonder watching him s
  6. I thought Ford famously ascertained during the Pinto debacle that payouts to survivors are much cheaper than mass recalls? It sounds like the logic holds up 40 years later.
  7. I think to the police an "accident" in the road traffic sense is anything untoward that happened they had to deal with, but for which current traffic laws do not provide a venue to bring charges against a driver. In the civil sense an accident could be seen as something that happened for which tort law does not provide a remedy in negligence or nuisance. But there's no plaintiff here, is there? The police are not interested in bringing charges, hence there will be no indictment. Something tells me Hyundai isn't going to be interested in suing Tiger or his insurer for the cost of an S
  8. As a junior golfer in the UK in the early 1990s, I pestered my Mam to buy me a Pringle sweater just like my hero Nick Faldo's. Does that count as traditional golf attire? Now aged 44, I don't want another one, mind.
  9. My apologies, a close cousin of the Hyundai Palisade not the Santa Fe, built on the adjacent line in Korea. And, as I said, I think modern cars are remarkable in terms of safety. With the exception of the likes of Volvo, automakers of yesteryear tended not to dwell too much on safety in their commercials - often for a very good reason. These days, they rarely flag safety either, unless it's to praise crash-avoiding tech. We made cars safer, and that's a good thing.
  10. Disappointingly (but predictably) a lot of the news outlets managing to squeeze his DWI arrest from a few years back into their reporting, so it was pleasing to hear that angle already seems to be discounted in this crash. One thing that does make me wonder, though...sunrise in Los Angeles this morning was 6.27am and police arrived on the scene of the accident at 7.12am. I'm about his age and have begun to notice the effects of bad low-light vision exacerbated by myopia and astigmatism, but unlike him I wear glasses rather than having had the laser surgery - and there seems to be a lot of
  11. Sincerely hoping he's OK. The photos of the car might be deceptive. He was driving what is, to all intents and purposes, a Hyundai Santa Fe. The strength is in the internal cage, if you will, that protects the occupants - the "safety cell" like most modern cars. But the panels on those cars are flimsy and thin - I know, I rented one, leaned against the wing and heard and felt it flex and bend inwards and was grateful it popped back into shape, and I'm not an especially big guy. If you look at the wreck the passenger cabin seems intact, even if it had to be cut open to remove him. In other
  12. Brace yourself, old chap. I sense terse reminders that the British Open in the late '60s and early '70s had slightly weaker fields than a Sunday medal at the Salina Kansas Country Club, may soon be headed your way. ...And yes, Tiger is the GOAT. And Jack is sort of the smaller, older, back-up GOAT. Or 2nd place GOAT. Reserve GOAT. Call it what you will.
  13. Ha! I was always tempted to buy him a copy of the classic Golf My Way, resplendent with artwork depicting Jack in his plaid-clad '70s pomp, hitting fades (deliberately, and fades as opposed to slices, lest there be confusion on that score).
  14. Of course there's a difference. One is the deliberate ball flight of an expert golfer, and the other is an occasional mishit by a mid-to-high handicap amateur golfer. I had a friend who used to periodically ruminate on the re-emergence of his hacker's slice off the tee with a rueful, "Ah, the Nicklaus power-fade. Finally, there it is."
  15. Well one would hope, given he's a top PGA Tour golfer, major winner, and an athlete in peak condition, as opposed to a middle-aged academic playing the local goat tracks as time away from teaching (online) class permits.
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