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  1. ScouseJohnny

    Best ball for putting

    Best ball for putting? A white one, with dimples in it. Actually, on reflection, the color doesn't matter, either.
  2. ScouseJohnny

    Swing with ankle injury

    Fair point. Deep down, I know you're right. But God it's frustrating. I was due to play in the Sunday medal. Think I might just watch the action on the 18th green from the clubhouse balcony, with some large G&Ts and the promise of a ride to and from the course (being too sore to even drive a car has its compensations).
  3. ScouseJohnny

    Swing with ankle injury

    Is there a good way to adapt your swing, to compensate for a right ankle injury in a right-handed golfer? I rolled over on my ankle falling off a step the other day, and the top of my right foot is swollen like hell. So it's more a foot injury than an ankle injury. But winter lasted a long time in Virginia this year, and I'm not losing half the remaining season to some irksome minor injury. I'll just have to ride rather than walk for a while. Tried swinging a 5 iron in the back yard with a wiffle ball and, with my usual swing, the pain was excruciating. Placing my weight on my left foot seemed to result in serious chunking. Moving my hands down the shaft didn't help much - I thought I'd just get a flatter ball flight, but ended up hitting it fat. When I venture out there this weekend, golf shoe on left foot, loosely-laced New Balance tennis shoe on right foot, are there any strategies for compensating for the foot injury?
  4. ScouseJohnny

    Poll: Who is #3?

    Given the enormous gulf between Woods & Nicklaus (or Nicklaus & Woods) and the rest of the field, I think picking #3 allows room for some creativity, beyond the conventional quantitative analysis. Hence: Seve.
  5. ScouseJohnny

    2018 Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow Discussion Thread

    What else is he to say on the cusp of the Masters? "Guess I may as well tell my pilot to file a flight plan for the Gulfstream for Friday night?" He is only going to play himself back into competitive form by playing competitions - and he is certainly playing a fair few of those, this season.
  6. I probably fuss around my Buick LaCrosse more than I should. Golf clubs left in the trunk of a car, based on past experience, tend to morph into shoes, towels, sweat-stained hats, grass, empty water bottles, empty sleeves of golf balls, and other detritus left in the trunk. So my gear comes out of the trunk and into the basement after each round, and the trunk stays clean and vacuumed!
  7. ScouseJohnny

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    This may have been touched on among all the other variables considered in the Jack v Tiger thread, but something I've always pondered is extent to which the cream of the crop up their game for majors. What is the effect of the extra incentive, viz a viz a major v a regular tour event, irrespective of purse or other benefit? It might be possible to measure (I haven't the time to do it myself), but, simply put, do the world's best golfers try harder and play better in majors? Whether consciously or subconsciously? What I was trying to get at re: the bookies/gambling comments was this. Imagine a data visualization instrument in which all the names of golfers likely to win majors this year are expressed, with the most likely winners clustered in the very center of the chart, and names appearing closer to the edge of the paper based upon how unlikely it is that they will win. Draw a circle around the very center of the chart. There's your pool of most likely winners. Dustin, Rory, Jordan, etc. A little further out, the Rickies of this world (competitive, but yet to win a major, which presents a question mark). Tiger is outside the very central cluster, too. He hasn't won a major in a decade. On the fringes, the likes of Poulter - if he was going to win a major, I think he'd have done it by now. He has a realistic chance of winning, but he's not a likely winner. Which is why I never thought about him going into last week. I know it sounds vaguely nebulous, but, in the case of Poulter, I don't see a very recent tour win as representing form for a major. That circle around the central cluster represents the cream of the crop, in my mind - the pool of the most likely winners. The untested hypothesis is that some of them could play like total dogshit in a PGA Tour event a week before a major, and then show up and turn on their greater (contemporary) talent for the major.
  8. ScouseJohnny

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Sergio is 38. And I think he's won his one major. I was wrong about Poulter, if you'd asked me on Wednesday night last week, I'd have predicted: cut. The issue isn't whether I think Tiger can win a major again (as I said, I think he can - maybe even will). But there's a huge difference between looking at something with interest, and the other scenario of risking your money on it. One is genuine enthusiasm, the other is more clinical - and dispassionate. If you absolutely forced me to place a bet, on, say, the British Open, I'd place it on Rory or Jordan in spite of their short odds, rather than Tiger at 16/1. At least I feel I might get my stake back and some pocket change that way. If I feel like a gamble, though, I might even think that Fleetwood at 28/1 is a much juicer prospect than Tiger at 16/1. But would I fall down in shock to see Tiger picking up a Claret Jug later this year? Nope. Certainly not. Just not confident enough to put money on it.
  9. ScouseJohnny

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Probably much more so in recent times than the last 20 years. Back in his prime, late '90s to 2008, he likely reduced their takings a bit: the odds on him in the majors were probably so short - 2/1 on - that in the majors he didn't win, the bookies likely didn't clean up much. His dominance probably discouraged other betting - not much point in betting in what you think will be a one-horse race, unless you're getting long odds on the one horse, or you are confident enough and bothered enough to back the others for a place. Among causal gamblers, outright win is always what they want to lay their money on. In the era of Tiger's dominance, people like Sergio were more likely the toast of the bookmakers' Christmas office party - I bet Sergio's provided many a bookie's vacation cruise. Nowadays, though? Oh yeah, I think Tiger is providing a bookies' bonanza. Keep the odds short enough that it suggests he has a decent chance of winning, and just long enough to encourage romantic punters to think, "Oh, I could clean up here!" At present, for the remaining 3 majors of the year, most of the big bookies have him at 16/1. Right in the sweet spot for what I've just described. Anyone who walks into Paddy Power to place a nostalgic or romantic bet deserves what he gets. A fool and his money, and all that... Do I think Tiger could win another major, maybe even soon? Yes. Based on what I saw last weekend - the gulf between where he is and where the young guns are - am I brave enough to risk some of my hard-earned on it? No. No way.
  10. Irons bought locally, because I wanted them fitted, and I didn't want to screw over the guy by getting the Ping specs from him, and then going shopping elsewhere (online) - because that would be a very shitty thing to do. Everything else: online. Even my driver (a Wilson Staff D100 - a last year's model ebay purchase that has really paid off). Except for balls. Noodle soft - the poor man's Pro V1. They come from Wallyworld, along with the cat litter and air con filters...
  11. ScouseJohnny

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Christ Almighty. Very dumb things happen in college. One freezing cold winter's night in the 1990s, after a lot of beer, some of my mates "curled" (slid) a Mini belonging to a girl in the dorm room next door, whom none of us liked, on the icy parking lot, while the rest of us looked on. They "parked" it around the corner. She called the cops. A uniformed Sergeant and Constable came and sat in our dorm room kitchen, and, trying very hard not to smile, gave us all a proper bollocking. Looked at through another lens, that could, perhaps, be construed as "TWOC" (in UK parlance), "Grand Theft Auto" (in US parlance). The coppers decided a severe talking to was enough. I'm certainly glad I'm an obscure academic. For high-profile professional golfers, and other high profile people, I guess the scarlet letters from their salad days exist into perpetuity. Which seems sad.
  12. ScouseJohnny

    Ian Poulter - Ass

    Sad to say, I've never explored Lefty's literary oeuvre. Any good stock tips?
  13. ScouseJohnny

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Yeah, but the bookies must be making a killing this year. Keep him around 16/1 outright win for each of the majors - just enough for nostalgic punters to think, "Oh Tiger...at that price he's worth a flutter." Of course, with Tiger being Tiger, you never know - he might just come back to bite the bookies in the ass. If it does happen, my guess would be that it will be at the British.
  14. ScouseJohnny

    2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Thank you!

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