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  1. U.S. Open Playoff Going from 18 holes to 2

    I'm not sure the 2 hole playoff adds very much. May as well just start the "sudden death" matchplay format at the start of the playoff.
  2. Telling Stat From 1977 Masters --Tee Time Spacing

    Strictly qualitative (if that) observation, not quantitative investigation: Not suggesting that the pros of 2018 are more "professional" than those of 1977, but the game seemed to be played in a slightly different spirit 40 odd years ago. Which I think is true of many sports (watching Sir Jackie Stewart in the kick the tires and light the fires days of 1970s F1 compared to however many hours of prep go into Lewis Hamilton even contemplating driving around the track...) You mentioned 1977. Here is the British Open for that year: There is definitely more of a "just get on with it" impression, compared with today's golf. Trevino appears a lot. In the final round a 35 foot putt appears to get about 35 seconds worth of contemplation before he addresses it and gives it a good punt. He misses, but not awfully... I wonder if it's that the sportsmen and women of today have such established routines that they have come to trust? Or maybe it's just a misnomer on my part - Trevino and his peers disguised their methods under a cheerful veneer of stand up and whack the ball? Watch Jack Newton in the 1975 British Open (also on Youtube), even the playoff is played at incredibly brisk pace.
  3. 2018 Masters Tournament Discussion Topic

    Likewise Bubba at 20/1. The only major Bubba has won. The only major I think Bubba will ever win, but hence there is something about Bubba and the Masters... In the poll I voted for Tiger top 5; "someone not listed" to win (because I think Bubba is well outside OWGR top 15)? Honestly, though, I wouldn't be remotely surprised if Tiger wins. And that's why I respectfully disagree with @onthehunt526 and his references to 1986. I was only a kid in 1986, but I watched the Masters with my Dad (a hugely devoted Jack fan) on the TV and remember the excitement - but, as I recall, it was because it came out of the blue and because we somehow felt or knew that this was the last glimpse of Jack winning a major. True, Jack was 5 years older in 1986 then than Tiger is now, but then it had only been 5 or 6 years since Jack's last major, compared to a decade, as is the case with Tiger in 2018. But the difference, really, is this. Jack in 1986 was glorious because it seemed like the swansong of a fading superstar.* What would be so exciting about Tiger winning in 2018 is the fact that, based on how he's played so far this year, it might suggest a return to "business as usual." And if he wins the Masters this year, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him win the British, too. * I vividly remember watching that final round; but it's 30 odd years ago. And I was only 10. This is just my recollection and impression, all these years hence.
  4. New Tiger Woods biography: "Tiger Woods"

    Reading the reviews and the publisher's blurb, I am decidedly non-enthused about this book. The authors did publish quite a good book in 2013 on college football. Underneath all the sensationalist blurb about blowing the roof off the scandals at the very heart of college football, etc, the book was fairly decent. It did explore the morally nebulous world in which players who are "students first' (of course), receive very little in exchange for being the primary actors in a multi-billion dollar entertainment business. This Tiger book, though.... College football is worthy of this kind of intrusive investigation. Although the money that funds it is typically not public money, it is played by state universities - public entities. They should be held accountable, and a spotlight shone on their activities. Tiger Woods is a private citizen who happens to play golf for a living. He's entitled to his privacy, and I'm not interested in whatever skeletons he has in his closet. The review makes this sound as though we're getting into the trashier end of the biography market - exposé and startling new revelations on every page... I have no interest in that. "They marshal evidence that suggests Woods took illegal performance-enhancing drugs," has a decidedly inauthentic ring to it - reporting "evidence" that allows them to stay on the right side of the law of libel? There is always the issue of "control" and the extent to which it mitigates against journalistic objectivity, but until Tiger Woods sits down to write an autobiography, or collaborates closely with and authorized biographer (neither or which he is compelled to do), all you are ever reading is some other guy's guesswork about what may have happened, or what was going on, or what he thinks happened based on his interpretation of some old primary source (like an interview), which, in the Youtube age, anyone else can likely watch, too. I think I'll pass on this one.
  5. All Final Round Masters Rounds from 1968 Onward

    Oh, I'll be pleased to watch this. Incredibly happy reminisces of staying up late on my 13th birthday to watch Sir Nick win his second green jacket. The greatest British golfer of his generation. What the heck? The greatest British golfer ever.
  6. Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    It's wryly amusing to see how highly regarded Vijay becomes when he's a useful prop in the Tiger = GOAT owing to the quality of his opposition in Tiger's prime argument. Dig deep enough in old Sand Trap threads and you'll find opinions that Vijay was nothing all that special, or, worse still, a suspected cheat and, possibly, a jolly bad egg.
  7. 2018 Arnold Palmer Invitational Discussion Thread

    DeChambeau is an interesting young chap. I rather hope (and suspect) this one is his. Apologies to Colin...
  8. 2018 Honda Classic

    Regarding Tiger, this is a remarkable performance by a golfer aged 40+, who has been away from competitive golf for however many years due to debilitating injury. It is truly remarkable. I am not a "hater." My complaint has always been that, in instances like this, whoever actually wins this thing will be a one sentence byline, on page 7, below the fold, compared to the pages and pages and pages scrutinizing Tiger's performance. But maybe that's just a Tiger's privilege. Or maybe it's a Goat's hard-earned privilege. Good luck to Justin Thomas, a fine young player. It would be nice to see another Major in his future this year.
  9. 2018 Honda Classic

    Tommy in second place at -6 for the tournament and -1 through 5 for his final round...I have high hopes for him, today.
  10. 2018 Honda Classic

    Yeah, but your tongue is usually firmly in your cheek, which is why I was amused to read your post. Fleetwood is from Merseyside - my neck of the woods. And there's something of the blue collar golfer about him, which appeals. I wish him well.
  11. 2018 Honda Classic

    I hope Tommy Fleetwood wins this. And then shows up at Augusta and wins there, too.
  12. Golf Etiquette - Yelling, etc.

    The only acceptable thing to yell on a golf course: "Fore!"
  13. 2018 Genesis Open (Riviera, Hogan's Alley)

    I have a certain affection for Bubba. An idiosyncratic and rather fascinating golfer. I hope he brings his "A" game to the Masters a few weeks from now. Bubba Masters victory #3 would be the most exciting outcome for the tournament!
  14. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    In this particular context? Christ, that's gibberish. You haven't a clue on that score, sorry. Look (and I appreciate this should be a PM, but I really can't be bothered) - you're the site owner, please ban me into perpetuity, forthwith. Life is too short. Goodbye.
  15. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I genuinely loved watching Tiger in his prime. I am bemused by the extent to which his name is somehow introduced into practically every single tour-related thread whenever I read this site, often under the most tenuous of circumstances. I understand the direct comparisons with the other greats of the game, both pre and post Tiger (the Nicklaus thread makes sense, for example). I have a friend at work who regards himself as a bit of a musicologist. A very nice guy, but unfortunately he is also a massive Beatles fan. Therefore every single solitary conversation about music, alas, is quantified against the (in his mind) unquestioned brilliance of the Beatles...It gets a bit dull. Time moves on. Sometimes it feels as though Tiger is to golf as the Beatles were to music. And both, I think, belong to history, not the present. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be discussed, but sometimes they are discussed too much, in contemporary terms.

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