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  1. I have a really good hand eye coordination and have acceled at all sports, but I also practice my butt off, so yes I would also like an option for both.
  2. First off, you are most likely not in the top players at these tournys... right? I figure that the top guys are shooting around 75 consistently?? WHich is probably making you a little intimidated and looking at other players before tee off. What I would recommend is of course taking one shot at a time, with a consistent preshot routine, and not worrying about anyone except yourself before tee off and even during the round. You sound like some of my friends in highschool... they did the same thing you are doing. Since you said that your entire game is affected, then most likely you are over
  3. Love it! But then again, mine is ported and bent to 59*
  4. when you straighten your leg, you will loose power and consistency. use that to help coil your body on the back swing, and uncoil your lower body on the downswing
  5. those are just normal balls found in a lake or someones backyard and cleaned up a bit. They are used. thats all
  6. well, you could try a mixture of different things. I know I used to soak my clubs in coke to remove the finish.. takes a couple days but worked like a charm on my scotty. Use something with an acidic base. Your clubs are cast i assume? not forged?
  7. getting them refinished somewhere (ie.. Iron Factory) is quite costly and very time consuming. I would say that it averages about 1/2 the price of new clubs but the turn around time is up to 2 months or more. Not good if you dont have a backup set. Other than cleaning regularly, I am not sure of any type of restoring you can do yourself... unless you own a sandblaster lol
  8. I went from double digit to scratch in one summer... It just takes wayy more dedication than most people can handle or care to attempt.
  9. That is exactly how I see it. I tee it low enough that you cant even notice the ball is on a tee. But as ^ said, with a tee you can give yourself a consistantly perfect lie.
  10. Congrats! I cant remember my first eagle. But kept it up and they will come more often.
  11. I agree with the last post. But what can anyone do except let them say what they want. I will give most the benefit of the doubt, until I have a reason to say otherwise. Another thing to watch out for is the younger golfer... Most of the guys I play with can all hit the ball 300 and even most highschool kids I know bomb it that far. Needless to say most are also playing military golf.
  12. so based on your "net" drives... then I avg. about 340 or so. It also depends on where you play because I played in Denver and All of my distances were 30 yards off or more on every club. So, based on your "net" drives and if i played again in Denver, then I avg. about 380 off the tee.
  13. I agree, and make sure that you use something (a club on the ground usually) to make sure that you are aligned properly. Sounds like a good plan for sure. Also might want to toss in some short game practice...
  14. I have the 907 D2 in 8.5* and with the V2 in an X flex. I agree it is an amazing club! I would get the same exact club you demoed unless you just want a slightly lower ball flight... and in that case, get the 8.5 Good luck!
  15. haha, I was about to post the same thing but you beat me to it!
  16. I would be there if I was older than 25.. but I have a few more years to go.. Tournament experience is crucial
  17. yes. course management is a must. dont go for the par 5 in two if you can dunk it in the water.. Also, try hitting more greens. The more you hit the better your chances are for breaking 80. On the other hand, I have shot even par while only hitting a few greens and a few years ago I shot -1 while only hitting 1 green. SO, short game goes along way
  18. I have walked since I began playing, mostly though it was because in school tournaments, you have to carry your own bag. Now, it just depends on the other players in your group... Its hard to walk while the other 3 guys are riding.
  19. Ya that has to be one of the best..
  20. What is your average and max swing speed? What flex shaft do you use? I have been training hard for the past year and my swing speed increased dramatically. Average ~118 Max ~125 X-stiff Proforce V2/ 907 D2 8.5* I average about 275 carry. My favorite though is walking out to the 100yd marker on a 400ish yd hole and seeing your ball mark next to the ball
  21. then on average, i would have to say somewhere in the area of 5-8 fairways and 4-6 greens. There is such a diversity that it is tough to put a # on it. I think that you hit alot more greens than most. You might just need to work on your short game and putting and the scores will come down. I have hit 1/18 greens before and shot -1 for the round... short game can go along way... If I would have hit at least a decent amount of greens I think I couldhave had the course record.
  22. If you are hitting that many fairways and greens, I would assume you are shooting in the low 80's on average... right? you could go lower but thats a decent amount of greens. Not sure on what you mean by average... of golfers in general? the PGA tour? or both combined? because the averages are slightly different
  23. I do the same kinda thing that Tiger does. My lower body releases too fast and the club gets stuck where I have to flip it with my hands to save the shot.
  24. Titleist 907 D2 8.5* with a Proforce V2 X-flex shaft. 44". Thing is a monster. I am switching to a Accra T70 shaft in the near future though
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