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  1. Well lately I have been pulling my irons. I just got fitted for clubs about 2 months ago and I have been playing some decent golf (decent for me atleast). Now the last 3 rounds I played I've been pulling some iron shots. I think its in my head because its really only with my 7, 9, and PW. I also think its my grip, I hold the club like a baseball bat. Anyone have some suggestions to help me stop pulling the ball.
  2. I had cleveland cg12's 52* and 58* before I got my i20 wedges. It took some practice with them around the green to get a feel for which wedge i am going to be chipping with more but in the bunker I had no problems. I would say I have had more bunker saves with my new wedges over my cg12.
  3. I have the i20's 4-lw and all the i20 wedges are great.
  4. I just got a set of ping i20s 4-pw,uw,sw,lw. They feel great and I would recommend to anyone thinkning about getting new clubs to try these out.
  5. Driver: 270 hybrid 19*: 230 4 iron: 210 5 iron: 195 6 iron: 185 7 iron: 175 8 iron: 165 9 iron: 155 PW: 145 UW: 130 SW: 110 LW: 85
  6. Played with my new i20's on Sunday. I shot an 83 (which is a pretty good round for me). They feel great and a lot more forgiving then I thought they would be. Great clubs.
  7. My clubs came in last night, so I will be going to the range tonight after work to hit them. I can not wait and I hope I like them. Wish me luck.
  8. I love my driver and will never put a 3 wood in my bag again but I like the way there i20 17* hybrid felt but I love my g5 19* hybrid right now. I might look at there i20 5 wood too. I also just got an email today from the place I ordered my i20's from. They just received my clubs today and will be shipping them out tomorrow. I got them 2nd day air so HOPEFULLY I will have them before I play on Sunday.
  9. 1. Phil Mickelson 276 2. Rory McIlory 278 2. Luke Donald 279
  10. I am a maroon dot with a +1 inch extended shaft. I went with the cfs steel regular. I just got an email yesterday saying my i20s will be here next week wednesday, I cant wait. Will post some pics when they come in.
  11. I am around a 15 hndcp and have the g5's and have been thinking about getting new irons. I went out yesterday and wanted to get fitted for new pings. After swinging the i20's, I didnt want to swing anything else but i swung the g20's and didnt like them at all. The i20's feel so smooth when hit, and is more forgiving then i thought they would be. I went and placed my order for the i20's (4-pw,sw) and can not wait till they get here.
  12. I have a good friend of mine who just started playing golf last year. I play with him about once a week and the biggest thing he does that just gets to me is " Can you tell me what I got, I think it was an 8 but i dont know". Other then that, I really dont care who I play with as long as they stay quite when I am over the ball.
  13. Lowest 18 was a 78 on a course I have only played a handlful of times. Now, I have been living around 80 and 81. Really would love to shoot par by the end of the summer.
  14. When someone leaves a putt short, "does your husband play" When someone hits a screamer putt "hit a house, sh*t hit something" When someone hits one fat I call them Captain duff and stuff
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