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  1. Yes. Yes it is. Day 6 Update: I repeated my 18-hole, 75-yard approach exercise, having had a lesson on setup and feeing more confident with my wedges. For comparison, here were my stats on Day 3: I averaged 1.94 shots to get on the green I averaged 2.11 putts on the green For a total average of 4.05 shots to sink the ball from 75 yards My stats from today: I averaged 1.61 shots to get on the green I averaged 2.38 putts on the green For a total average of 3.99
  2. Day 5: Putting and Lesson Absurd false positive. I did 100 4-foot putts on an actual green today and only sank 52 of them. I vastly overestimated how many of those putts would actually have gone in. There's a world of difference between carpet and grass that I hadn't counted on. Moisture, grain, subtle break... yeah. That carpet exercise is worthless. On the plus side, my stroke for mini-golf is fierce . But yes. To get an accurate count going forward, I'll have to use an actual green and putt to multiple holes. Thanks for the advice. I
  3. Thanks, guys. I am impressed by the civility of this forum. There are many other places online where a goal like this would be flamed mercilessly, but the response here has been, if slightly skeptical, still supportive. There are two reasons I chose to set my goal at 80. The first : He's not wrong. I may as well report to a brick wall if I write about this exclusively on my obscure little blog. If I talk about it here, it generates discussion and actionable feedback. I can't thank you enough for suggesting against 18 holes every day. I'd already be getting burned out
  4. The etiquette rule forbidding you from slamming your club into the ground. It's good therapy!
  5. Day 3 update: Approaches and Putting My back was still a little stiff today, so I made friends with my new approach iron. I grabbed a large bucket and shot at the 75 yard flag on the range. Then I went out on to the course, dropped a ball at 75 yards from the pin on all 18 holes, and recorded my shots to get on the green and my putts: I averaged 1.94 shots to get on the green I averaged 2.11 putts on the green For a total average of 4.05 shots to sink the ball from 75 yards Yikes. I need to get that last number much closer
  6. Very solid advice, guys. 18 holes every day is no longer the priority. I'll play a couple rounds a week and practice all the other days. Thank you for the input. And, at the risk of taking the romance out of this whole experiment, I want to elaborate on why I think breaking 80 is possible in 99 days: My goal is to break 80 in 99 days. Just once. On my home course. Not to be able to shoot it consistently. Not to be able to break it on other courses. Just to shoot one, dumb, lucky fluke sometime in the next three months. I work at my home course (Pebbl
  7. Day 1 Stats Score: 134 Shots off the green: 90 Putts: 44 FIR: 6/12 GIR: 0 Lost balls: 5 Thanks for the feedback, guys. I appreciate the encouragement, the advice, and the reality checks. I went out today and was greeted by about the most tripolar weather I've seen this year. It was sunny for a minute, then it rained for a minute, then it hailed for a minute. Putting across a green littered with pea-size ice balls? Awesome! True to form, I shot a 134, scoring only a single par. My putting was worse tha
  8. Last week I shot a 130 at my home course... it is my goal to score 80 or better at that home course by Labor Day. To do this, I will play 18 holes every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That's 99 days. 1782 holes. I'm going to update this thread every day and release a new vlog video every Sunday. The stats I will be tracking include my total score, fairways in regulation, greens in regulation, shots off the green (is there a specific term for that?), putts, and, to remember the fallen, balls lost. Any other stat suggestions are welcome. Now, I'm off to be
  9. I hate when people aim at me because a flimsy mesh net is more for peace of mind than any actual protection. Fortunately we don't have any satellite-guided four year olds sniping at my course.
  10. Today I saw a guy on the range who is right handed, used a left handed club, addressed it backwards, spun around, and knocked it 300 yards. And man, the acoustics were flawless .
  11. Yeah, we've got a few groundsworkers at Pebblebrook who also work at Willow Creek. Lovely course, I'm sure, but way too rich for my blood.
  12. I'd request that a few be removed. Too many trees will attract trolls.
  13. Ah yes, I remember this shot well. He's hitting his Asgard Mjolnir, setting up for his first shot off the tee. The green is on Saturn. Par 3.
  14. Pshh. They're not fashionable until they bring the stilettos.
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