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  1. LOVE my Kings! I see you are from Orange....guessing you are a Ducks fan? Have any good course recommendations in that area?
  2. Hey there sandtrap community, just picked up the game again after about a 8 year layoff...(my how things have changed, so many valuable resources online) I've been dealing with a recovering broken ankle, however, I don't have any pain when I play golf which is amazing and probably accounts for my new addiction to it. I actually saw it as a blessing for my short game...(having a ginormous boot doesn't really help my posture). anyway, I hope to learn a lot and hopefully I'll be able to contribute sooner rather than later. cheers
  3. How tall are you? What is your distance from wrist to ground? I am 5'7 and have been considering getting my clubs fitted for a long time.
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