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  1. Non Conforming Drivers 2008

    I was looking over the list of non-conforming drivers and had a question arise. Is it possible that in a couple years, my driver will be non-conforming? Or is it more of a, "once it works, it always works" type of thing?
  2. Don't hit the hero shot. I'm a very-very-high handicapper, and so I need to tell myself this a lot. I end up behind a lot of trees, and deep in rough, and need to remember to just get to a safer spot and then go for it.
  3. Help me find a golf bag

    I got the Nike Slingshot OSS Cart Bag for the same reason, I wanted the dividers. I really like the bag. It is still on Nike.com if you want to check it out. Actually, all the Cart bags on Nike.com have the dividers. I hope you get a nice bag, it always feels good to lug around something you like as oppose to your old hand-me-down half-broken club bag... Good luck with finding the perfect bag for you!
  4. Dear All, I have a question about the tournaments the pros play, and way they use the courses (The mention in today's post about being able to play a pro course reminded me of this). For the Ginn sur Mer PGA Tour event, they played at the Tesoro club in Florida. My Uncle owns a lot there and I have been fortunate enough to play the course twice, the thing is, when the pros played it, they skipped around on the two 18 hole courses that were built. Is this a common practice for the tour? I believe my Uncle said they played holes 1-8 on one course, then the rest on a separate course, that just seems odd to me so I thought I would ask. Thanks for the time. Sincerely, Countjyro
  5. Phils' Majors

    One thing with Phil, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that he will show up to a tournament and look like he doesn't even want to put the effort in. It seems like a couple times when watching the Thursday and Friday rounds, he doesn't even care to be there. How can you win if you show up not caring?
  6. Major Championships

    I voted for the British Open. It would be a great feeling to go to St. Andrews (or any other course it's played on) and come out on top.
  7. Brand Of Clothing You Wear on the Course

    Olive Ron Jon's Surf Shop polo, blue Adidas Climacool polo, beige no-name shorts, or Levi's jeans. I don't play fancy courses (only 21 years old) and so I don't need a whole wardrobe of fancy stuff. I am looking to try some J. Lindeberg stuff when I do get some more cash flow, the pants look really comfortable.
  8. ESPN Takes Over Early Round Masters Coverage

    I agree with "Cleveland Gunmetal," I think Mr. Berman is over-rated. Anytime I have heard him talk golf it feels like he tries too hard, or just doesn't fully grasp what is going on. My favorites are Dave Feherty and Nick Faldo. I just hope ESPN doesn't cut to the "sports desk" (or whatever they call it) 30 times per hour, that always bothers me on their channel.
  9. If you had only five clubs to play with ...

    Well, I picked the "other" category because there was no "Sand Wedge." I love that club and use it for everything I can. So for me, 3-Wood, 5 iron, 8 iron, sand wedge and putter! 3-wood - Good distance off the tee, easy to use off the deck and can be used for chipping, it's versatile! 5 iron - this is the best club in my bag, I hit it the same distance every time on full shots, and have a good feel for it when trying to draw, fade, etc. I love this club, from 120 and out it's my "go to" club. 8 iron - from 120 and in, it's my "go to" club! Makes a nice pairing with the 5 iron. Sand Wedge - 56/10, reacts lovely to Michigan ground. This is the best wedge in my bag, and it flys high and actually stops when it lands on the green (I suck at trying to spin the ball, so when the ball stops, I love it). Putter - Though I hardly need this club, I suppose it would be good to carry for those rare incidents when I don't hole out from the fairway or tee.
  10. Noise control at the driving range

    I like just letting the noise be and working on being calm and focused on my shot. Don't let it get to you, work on your mental sharpness!
  11. New putter or Shoes

    Just to make sure it's known, I'm no expert on these things. Other than that, I would have to say that the putter. I think focusing on the balance of the stance without the spikes is a good start, and having a putter you believe in makes a lot more difference than something sticking 1/8" or so into the ground or grass. That is just my opinion, it's what I did, and I think it worked good as far as preventing me from trying to overpower my swing, because when I did I would end up on my butt. It forced me to work on tempo and balance, and I was able to be more confident with the putter I now trusted. "Drive for show, putt for dough."
  12. The Hottest Professional Golfer

    As I've said many times, Momoko Ueda. New aspect for the "hottest golfer" thread, male. Camilo Villegas, back when he had the blonde hair.
  13. Soccer?

    Now that Henry is gone the Gunners haven't had a single loss.
  14. Soccer?

    I think technically it's "futbol." ;)
  15. Blade or Mallet

    I have to use blade putters. I have tried some mallet putters in the store, but I just have to use a blade.