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  1. Tough to see Sasquatch go out like that, but James brought his "A" game and Mark got it together when it counted....that putt he nailed after missing 2 shorties was one of the most clutch shots I've seen on BB. Gonna be a battle in the finale - not sure who to root for!
  2. Go get fitted.....lots of custom shafts available to "fine tune". Swing speed isn't the only factor to consider....launch angle, ball speed, spin rate will be different with different after-market shafts. They will cost you, but will be worth it.
  3. Disagree completely.....at the very least get a "static" fitting done to ensure you have the proper length clubs, lie angle and grip size. No need to spend $100+ on full-out fitting on a tracman, but making sure the specs are appropriate will do you wonders.
  4. Have a standard game with my regular golfing buddy.....$10 Nassau, $2 skins (carry-over), $1 putts and $5 gross bet....all match play. Birdies double, double bogey or 3 putt requires a shot of jack daniels, hole-in-one and the other guy has to play the rest of that 9 shirtless (hasn't happened yet!!!)
  5. Yes....I play these exclusively. I buy them from lostgolfballs.com - 50 balls at AAAAA quality for roughly $93.....heulluva a deal if you can deal with random logos and the occasional minor personal markings. I haven't noticed any issues with performance.
  6. Trout has been horrible at the plate in August and September.....check the stats.....Cabrera has put together the most complete season at the plate that we've seen in the last 40 years. No question he should be the MVP.
  7. I purchased the Tour V2 with the Patriot Pack as well.....those tees are in my bag somewhere! Best $$ i've spent on equipment in quite a while - well worth every penny (minus the 10%+ sales tax in chicago - couldn't stand to wait for an online order!!).....
  8. This guy is just insufferable...... "According to the October issue of Golf Magazine , Tiger Woods once asked Johnny Miller to be his coach. "Not many people know this, but when Tiger had been on TOUR for two or three years, his people called and asked if I would give him lessons on short irons," Miller said in the magazine. "Jack Nicklaus told him I was the best short iron player ever — a pretty great compliment." Miller added that he declined because of his commitment to NBC as an announcer and a desire to spend time with his children and grandchildren. How
  9. Dont know the specific answer to your question, but Sergio plays an R11s cut down to 43"....
  10. Did anybody else catch the tail end of the Golf Channel coverage of the Barclay's this afternoon before CBS took over? Peter Oosterhuis mentioned that Bo VanPelt had a rough night at the "CBS Lowlight Dinner" the previous evening. The other commentators jumped all over him like he was spilling the beans on some secret tradition that nobody knows about....very awkward couple of moments and the subject was quickly changed. Given that this is the last event on the CBS Golf docket, I can imagine some wild blow out bash with the crew, announcers and some of the players. I mean it's clear that the
  11. I do it sometimes when the break is subtle and I'm looking for confirmation....basically you stand a few feet directly behind your ball. Hold the the putter up in front of your face so that it "hangs freely" and then close one eye. Line the putter shaft and make your ball "disappear".....the off-set of the hole and the shaft is supposed to give you an idea of which direction the putt will break. If both the hole and the ball "disappear", then you have a straight putt.
  12. FWIW I believe the V2 is quite a bit smaller than the medalist, but functionality is essentially the same....
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