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  1. Nina Rodriguez played golf from the same place that I took it up; San Jose State University. SJ is actually her home town. I'd be kidding myself if I said she was an exception: there are plenty of other talented ladies around these parts. Damn good program @ my school it seems.
  2. Absolutely amazing. (San Francisco Bay Area) "Want to hit up Pebble Beach (usually one of the other, cheaper, courses nearby) ?" Um, yes?! And the US Open is coming to the Olympic club next year? Not to mention plenty of courses around the area that are pretty much open all year round. I definately would get bored if I had to play the same course week after week. Heck, even the area where I live (South Santa Clara County) has a few extremely good courses. A Jack Nicklaus (Coyote Creek GC) and Cordevalle (Frys.com Open). I can also see a full 18 hole course right out
  3. It was actually early this year: I needed a unit of Physical Education for my University and Golf sounded like something I could try. I had no idea really how the game worked (other than playing Tiger Woods on my iPhone) and I thought it would be the hardest thing in the world. After the second lesson I was absolutely hooked. Bought my first putter and a sand wedge the next day. Hitting a tee shot 260 yards in the early morning is absolute magic. How does the ball go so far?! (Might be the Superfast 2.0, lol)
  4. Very short #8 on a Par 3 Course. 105~108 yards. Somewhere around there. Flag on the bag tier and tucked into a corner, can't see the hole. Forgot the score, something like +12. Hit the tee shot straight into a tree and it bounced back about 20 yards away. Call mulligan. Hit the second one the exact same way into better lie. Take the first lie just for the challenge. Pull the 56 wedge, low descending shot into the muddy rough up through two redwood trees with low limbs and straight onto the green, about 25~30 feet from the hole. Snuck the ball on the left corner of the cup. Awesome up an
  5. 3 Metal. Sure I love every club in my bag, but the 3 metal makes a sound that makes my playing partners go, "WOW that sounded great (but went all over the place)" hahhaa BTW it's a Nike VR Pro 2011
  6. Despite owning one, I wouldn't say so. Practicing helped more than anything else. I just bought the putter because it felt good, looked good, and I had the extra cash for it.
  7. This actually happened to me the other day at a local municipally run course the other week on the 3rd hole. A couple of foxes were playing around the green in and around the bunkers. I get out of the cart, grab my putter and 56 degree, both Titleist... Go for the chip in to 6 feet, so I put down the wedge on the edge of the green, all the while these foxes are watching me. As soon as I address the putt and look up I see one of the foxes go right up to the wedge on the green. I think to myself, "that fox is way too small and harmless looking to do anything to my club...," then sm
  8. Used a 4 iron when I played blades a lot because I'm short off the tee with driver and 3 wood sometimes. Replaced it with a 4 hybrid considering the amount of times I'm riding the rough off the tee.
  9. I figured I'd outgrow a fullset quickly as well, so what I did was go to garage sales until I found a set of Wilson Staff blades (3 iron to PW) for less than 80 bucks. Then I bought a nice 5 wood (one of the first longer clubs I tried and felt comfortable with, it's actually the one I'm using now, a Nike Victory Red Tour that I got for $100) then I bought this same VR Sand Wedge I've been using, and an older Wilson Staff Blade putter. That was my starter set. I bought new irons when the 3 iron head cracked in half one day on a mishit. It was hilarious. I played those until I figu
  10. Sometimes range time to let out stress, never work on mechanics during times like that though. Just 30 or so balls to get a feel for the swing, work through all my clubs never swinging the same one twice. Mostly work on short pitches, chipping, and putting in terms of practice. Wears on the body less. I may just buy a net and a practice mat soon though. Swinging at a ball at home sounds like fun.
  11. One of those Frogger towels and 36 practice TM TP/Black LDP No. 1s. Balls have been great, but the hook strap on the towel unthreaded after one round. Cut the rest off, just hang it from the other two straps on the other end. Might just cut a damn big hole in it, design flaw, are you listening Frogger!? Also have the Frogger Pro brush the other week before that, great buy for 16 bucks!
  12. Wow, now I've seen everything... why else have a golf bag? Why not have all my clubs on straps on my body weighing me down? I'd golf naked if it wasn't so impractical.
  13. Stop wearing baseball hats then. They were practically created to project a 'brand' image anyway. I don't have a problem with logos on apparel or gear, who cares?
  14. Pants all year round unless the humidity is above 95%, which is rare here in northern california. I find that it keeps the legs actually cooler, rather than having sun beat down on them. The key is finding pants that fit correctly and aren't too thick. Shorts are for boy scouts fellas. Men wear pants. Why do the pros wear the pants? Because they're there to get business done, not have a bunch of beers in a backyard picnic.
  15. LOL cheers to the OP for calling the dark horse to win!
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