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  1. I had to rant somehow/where... the early coverage of wsop on espn is terrible. Not showing hold cards?? Why fix something that ain't broke?
  2. Well, hogans are premium and because they are not made anymore carry some cache. They made some good irons. as you get better, you may find stiff flex offers some control. How far do you hit the 7 iron? You can always take some super glue or two part epoxy and re glue the ferrules in place. Its easy.
  3. I saw this live on tv. While personally I would not have taken a drop, he was within bounds to do so. We see pro golfers take advantage of the rules all the time and he just followed suit. Don't pros look for an advantage in the grey areas to tilt things in their favor? Hard to judge his character based on that one call.
  4. Shaft flex stiff to extra stiff torque 3.0 loft 9 degrees. At that swing speed, demo a driverr that gets your flight down. You should be flying it as far or further with lower spin and hotter launch and more overall distance. If you can get the fade in the short stuff, roll with it. Taylormade r5 or r7 or titleist 983, 905 on ebay...
  5. Hogan irons are solid. How do you strike them? Most imporant factor is getting fit for the correct lie angle, if they fit you well beat em into the dirt, then get fit for your next set.
  6. Check the angle of your arms at address and impact. Stuck inside means you won't fully rotate thru impact, check the position of your hands and arms and make sure they are "hanging" directly under or just outside your shoulders so you can make a full turn. I tend to push when I am stuck too far inside.
  7. Video analysis= yes, you can really see what's going on. As a swing "sensation" or "feeling", I strike the ball better with a more upright swing plane, with all thefundamentals,grip, stance, posture, etc being in place. I think an upright plane produces a powerful swing with great leverage. If you prefer upright, stick with it and work on your fundamentals.
  8. Arogolf iON1 cnc milled by yours truely. Rotate between black carbon 360 and 303ss/ti 350 based on green conditions.
  9. Lots and lots, I've got sc and bb's taken as trade ins. I've owned,borrowed or used too many to count. I got so into it I had to design and patent my own design, the ion1. Frankly, its got a true feel only 100% cnc billet provides, I can't even play otr putters anymore. Two that I wish I never got rid of, an old bullseye fluted shaft and odyssey tri hot 2.
  10. I am relatively late to the "spill your guts on some random webpage" game, but I must say this is freaking awesome. I've never thought about replacing g judge smails, but this will get serious consideration.
  11. Call ping and ask them? Well, surely that's how to achieve equanimity (pause while you google it). Economics 101 equals karsten utilized an existing tt lite platform and tipped em stiff for his own vision of the ping eye 2 (lighter tip stiff shaft plus lighter clubhead equals better control for the average chopper. Albeit this was decades ago). Do you think ping would pay for r and d for a whole new breed of golf shaft and absorb the extra cost?? Hardly, my friend. I'm glad you enjoy your job,hopefully daddy hooked you up with something that doesnt require too much cognitive reasoning.
  12. Sorry, its the same shaft, the zz is tipped a touch more to play a little stiffer, but its the same as tt lite, perhaps the different decals threw you off.
  13. Whew, leave the trap for a few hours and look what I miss. ZZ lite shafts? Aren't these just TT lite shafts? Come on man, most of us out grew those by 14 yrs old.
  14. Rained a lot yesterday, rough was lush, but suppossed to be hot and sunny here this week. I think the premium will be fairways, the green complexes are quite undulating. A medium hitter with good gir could get er done.
  15. womens irons are shorter with thinner grips and more flexible shafts. Yes, you could play them and I am sure over time get used to them, but they are not made for men and you are better off getting an iron set that is more suited to your size. Antecdote: I have a buddy who is a scratch golfer, he has a womans five wood that he can hit 250 yards, but he bends the shaft like licorice. Bottomline: man up and get yourself a respectable set of mens irons, you will thank me and yourself in the long run. Plus, do you really want to show up on the first tee and be gaming womens clubs? Just... IMO
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