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  1. I think Hogan's Five Lessons is the best golf instructional book ever...read this book and there will be immediate improvement in your game. I keep a copy in my SUV and whenever I go out somewhere and there is a delay or wait, I refer to this book and read it over and over and over. A must buy for anyone new to golf or like myself who had been playing a long time with no real improvement.
  2. As an emerging senior who has a passion for golf, I try to arrange my daily exercise routines with my golf game in mind. Please share your routines or any videos you know about. Thanks much!
  3. Do you mostly boom drivers on the range or do you have a set routine to practice your entire game? What about putting practice?
  4. Hi Everyone, I am new here and recently started my new position as Sales Manager in state of Georgia for JK Crew Golf...Golf Equipment, Golf Accessories & Golf Apparel.
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