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  1. you plan to sell your golf set for $25 ? to PAWNSHOP. you must complete full set golf. I say, "WHY NOT?" there won't pay more than $25. what you do with $25?
  2. i'm not sure....I wonder I stance and hold grip shaft straight to club on grass, 1/2. if shaft forward and club is too close to my right feet. will same loft angle? sorry I hard to explain. my not good english.
  3. I never heard that. do you show (pic). please. Wilson 3D hybird golf ?
  4. Hello, I'm newie on the forum. I love sand TRAP!! I plan to looking new graphite shaft (2011) only Driver. What you would like new graphite shaft (2011) with only driver? I say ALDILA. a new graphite shaft Beta R.I.P (skull with green eyes) is tip softness from original Alpha R.I.P (skull with red eyes) is tip stiffness. A Clubmaker say, "it's great shaft." I have an old driver look new mint. Titleist titanium 983 8.5* Bore-through is a 350cc Titleist exclusive graphite shaft from Grafalloy. the shaft PROLITE 35 is a low torque design ide
  5. Again i explain it. a rusty wedge has club face is rough like sandpaper however while play golf 2-3 seaons. it's will back to normal spin then damage groove because rust decrease spin almost no groove.
  6. my anwser is pant. who wear a short look like idoit and immature same little boy play. I'm adult period it.
  7. Start my practice. first drive tee on 5 shots. next 6 iron hit straigh 5 shot and draw 5 shot. break time 5 mins. be relax Other how look good golfer hit? there look begnnier golf. I was pick up 9 iron warm-up shot 10 shot. next 7 iron 5 shot, next 4 iron 6 shot, next 2h hybird or 3 wood 10 shot break time 12 mins i'm smoking....i don't care golfer complain about smoker golf. LOL!
  8. Okay, i help you. your drivers straight (Ping G10, Taylormade R9) are same loft and flex? I stick to 8.5 loft driver all time. I have three different driver tour are all same loft. I dislike mix number loft on drivers. However about a graphite shaft is very tough job. Which is best graphite match for your swing? from (Ping G10, Taylormade R9)
  9. I mean a raw metal wedge with hard oil paint look like rusty wedge. it's expensive. Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled™ Wedges provide increased spin.
  10. i not prefer a white driver. if you like it then do it buy.
  11. Okay, yourself believe it. I dunno, a file nail rough surface like as sandpaper. a rusty wedge surface on face little rough will increased spin but 10 times shot. back to normal spin and can be decreased spin. Period it!! no important it for rusty wedge !! Pro Tour can afford it.
  12. iacas, Thank you. a rusty wedge will increased spin however short 2-3 seasons. Then back to normal spin or less spin. Well, I knew it.
  13. i was make mistake. you are so right. I like raw wedge. i can save face club non-rusty, so i taped on face club. why not.....
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