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    It seems very awkward. I grew up playing at Country Club's with my dad and friends. I had lessons and played about every weekend for awhile and was never very good. But I could get around fairly well. I fell on hard times in my adult life and so I did not continue playing though I have occasionally gone to driving ranges just to make sure I can still hit the ball. I just recently moved next to a nice public golf course and went to practice today. I'm sure this sounds ridiculous as I could tell from the golf pro today. Since I grew up playing at private courses I never had to find anyone play with. There was always family or acquaintances. But I was trying to ask the golf pro at this shop how I could find someone to play with. He basically said it was no problem just come on out or something to that effect. I did not understand because I was standing there looking to get up a game, and he said it wasn't a problem, but I did not get a game. Maybe it was because it was the middle of the afternoon and everyone was already out playing. Do I just show up in the morning and ask them to match me up with someone? Or tell them I'm looking for someone to share a cart with? Or just go to the range and look for others who appear to be in the same situation?