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  1. Been off the forum for a few months... Why aren't more people copying Moe Norman's swing? I don't know why. I can glean some insight from my (then teenage) son as he said, "I don't care how well it works. I think that swing looks goofy. I don't want to look goofy." In his defense, my swing looked awkward for a few years because it felt uncomfortable to me. I discovered "Natural Golf" back in the days when it was mostly a front to sell clubs. I took private lessons from a local NG pro. After almost two years of NG, my index dropped from an all-time low of 18.0 before NG to
  2. Football: It is now or never -- unlikely to play football after high school and zero chance you will be playing when you are 22. That said, even just two years of high school football messed up my knees, hands, hips... I was too small to play varsity but played every down for two years and loved it. As others have said, it is a real team sport. I still recall the best game I ever played (as an individual) was a game my team lost by a lot. Golf: If you make the golf team, you will be a good golfer for the rest of your life. I've never known anyone who played high school golf who
  3. Thank goodness the weather stinks. My elbow was impacted on the outside and the only thing I do to potentially cause injury is golf. After therapy I am luck enough that there are nearly zero lingering effects. I don't wear a strap but likely will if playing a lot. I also hope to limit shots on mats for a while and, if it ever gets nice, avoid ranges with hard dirt. Or at least hit fewer balls from hard surfaces. My advise is find a PT you trust and do as they say. If you think they are not aggressive enough, find one on the same page as you are on.
  4. True Linkswear Stealth. 2013's are awesome and, since they are discontinued, they are for sale for $70 at RBG. I thought the 2011's were great at $200 and 2013's are even better.
  5. Hope it went great for you. Go 100% all in. Take the advise and buy in all the way. No holding on to a little of this or that from your old swing. I have watched guys at golf school try and do "most" of what they are being told. 100% or it will not work. If you find you will not trust your pro 100%, find a new pro.
  6. To be clear, the course is dry but your rented house is your house. So if beer while playing matters (as it does to some of my buddies) then skip this place.
  7. I love the golf at Lawsonia in Green Lake WI -- 2.5 hours from O'Hare. Two wonderful courses and, while very affordable, among my favorite places to play at any price. They held the PGA there about 70 years ago. The Links course is a wonderful design that I've come to appreciate more the more I play it. The golf is one of the great deals I've ever found. The courses are located on a large property called The Green Lake Conference Center. They have lots of on-site lodging designed for church groups and families. The entire property is owned by the Baptists and the course and "hotels" are dry. I
  8. Deep in woods after tee shot and about 170 to the pin. Can't go backward, sideways either way -- total jail. So caddie advises that we mine as well hit and hope toward the green. There is no place to drop and re-tee would take us out of the hole. I'm a 18 handicap and the only thing I have in common with Seve is that we both have an "s" on our first names. Choke up on a 3-wood to try and keep ball under the first tree directly in front of me. Shot goes over, under and through trees without hitting any -- on my line, the ball avoided about 10 trees. Ball clears woods and lands fifty yard
  9. Why I do want to work out and be in better shape as it relates to my golf swing: Stamina -- when I'm in good shape, my swing does not change through the round as fatigue sets in like it does when I'm not working out. Extra strength and flexibility allow me to maintain the feelings from the range and from early in the round. Fat me is starting to drag on hot days sometime after the turn -- that can not be good for a repeatable and consistent swing. Odd shots -- there are times when an awkward stance or deep rough call make being in shape, more flexible and stronger really work.
  10. I got in great shape a few years back, lost weight fast, and also lost my swing a bit. Here is my theory: the added flexibility and strength changed the feelings of my correct positions. So, while I felt like I was turning, bring the club back, etc. the same, it was not the same. After some extensive range work with video, I played better than ever. Bad news is I found all the weight that I lost -- almost all anyway. So now I have been relearning my fat-guy swing and feelings. Maybe this year I'll get in shape again, a bit more slowly, and have the best of both worlds.
  11. How hard? Very hard. Years ago, I played a course which had just completed an LPGA tournament on Sunday -- we played Monday in a charity event. Knowing I would be playing the course, I watched the LPGA event that weekend. Final group and final hole, Anika was tied for the lead. She hit a great approach shot to about 2.0 feet and the announcers declared her the champion -- she had little more than a tap-in as it looked on TV and the announcer validated. As she walked to the green, a storm rolled in and the rain picked up intensity. She made the putt as the skies opened up in a downpour.
  12. Lots of threads here giving love to PURE grips. I love my Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips. I stopped wearing a glove. They are tacky but, dispute the name, not sticky. They have a bit of give so they are easy on my hands -- without even wearing a glove. Yet they never are squishy like the WINNs I had years ago. They seem to be lasting forever -- they are still like new after other grips would need to be replaced. Bad news -- expensive even when you buy the on line.
  13. back to the subject of the thread…. Anyone tried the advice in the OP? Please share results. I'm looking out my window at a near white-out. Again. I'm visiting/lurking here to avoid shoveling snow. Again. Is it normal for a grown man to cry when it starts snowing? My five keys are bend my knees, don't take too much snow on the shovel, keep my back straight, throw snow down wind, avoid starting the job for as long as possible. As much as I love a spitting match about keeping my head still and the real five keys, I'd really love to hear about people's experiences aiming at t
  14. Good video in the thread above. Notice how the lead arm remains straight. For me, this is what I need to remind myself to do in order to hit solid short shots. FOR ME, when I'm playing well, I try not to think of much in the stroke when hitting short pitches and chips. I remind myself to keep a straight lead arm (without the reminder I tend to bend the arm just enough to distroy any chance of hitting the ball solidly) and then think about the flight I want and EXACTLY where I want the ball to land. Like putting, I try not to think about length of swing and followthrough. I've hit enough balls
  15. I am NOT a PGA Pro. I know, some of you may think I could be with a
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