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  1. Cool group! However, I feel there may or may not be a slight typo in the name ;-)
  2. As far as forgiveness is concerned, the JPX-800 Pro's are more comparable to the Titleist AP2's. If you're looking for the forgiveness of the AP1's, then look into the JPX-800's (non-pro). The AP1's and 800's will probably give you the higher trajectory you're looking for. I've hit the AP2's and 800's and the 800's are definitely more forgiving, with a higher trajectory. I can't comment on the AP1 or 800-pro's (I imagine the AP1's will be more forgiving with higher trajectories like the 800's) But, go hit them and decide for yourself :)
  3. Have you tried either of them, or both? Wouldn't you rather try them and make your own decision on what you putted best with, rather than go off of internet opinions on what "we like best"?
  4. First a little about myself: 24 y/o, 6'6" - 225lbs-ish, athletic, played basketball and baseball through high school. I just finished grad school and will finally have time (and an income) to get back into the game. I played when I was younger but have played 3 rounds in the last 6 years. I played for the first time last week and shot a 95. I could easily have been in the high-80's with any resemblance of touch around the greens (quite rusty obviously) I'm also playing with clubs I got when I was 12 years old (LOL)... My irons fit HORRIBLY so therefore I'm in the market for a new set. M
  5. So, in my quest to find a new putter I spent a few hours around various golf shops trying out putters and narrowed down the putter I wanted to a few criteria: - New - Left handed - "#9 style" heel shafted flanged blade / toe drop mid-mallet (whatever you call it) - no insert, milled face - Under $80 Following those criteria this was next to impossible to find. However, with the help of a fellow member here, I found one on DiamondTourGolf for a whopping $17. The only catch was it only came with a stock 35" shaft (exactly what I need), and no grip (I planned on re-g
  6. 17-4 stainless steel is whats in the Cleveland putter.. The 431 stainless is in the cheap knock-off... Anyone else know what difference in "feel" I would be able to notice?? (I'm guessing a firmer feel?) is it simply the feel, or will the "sweet spot" be physically smaller?
  7. You already paid ~$300 for the putter. IMO I wouldn't cut corners in getting it repaired. Accidents happen... Good luck.
  8. I registered about 6-8 hours ago, and was able to see the Daily Deal. I just tried, and was still able to log in. I'm interested to see what deals pop up everyday.
  9. Haha, how about looks? Pick your favorite looking set... or hell, flip a coin :p
  10. If you hit them all equally well, let the price tag be the deciding factor :)
  11. I live in south Florida... Enough said. Shorts.
  12. When you're looking at distance, take a look at the loft of the irons... Some can be misleading. You'll think "OMG this 7i is going 200!!!" when in reality, it's the same loft as another makers 6i or 5i... and don't ignore STOCK shaft length either... I think overall you'll find that irons are VERY similar. You'll just have to find a set that "feels good" or "looks good at address", which will inspire confidence... ... and the #1 tip: Get fitted for irons. (shaft length, lie, grip size, etc...)
  13. Interesting... I googled "Inazone XC-7" and found a link to this putter on Diamond Tour Golf for $17.99 for the putter head and 35" shaft only. I planned on re-gripping my putter anyway. I may consider this. How different could this putter be than any other milled face putter like the Cleveland Classic 2? What difference would I notice between "17-4 stainless steel", and "431" stainless steel?
  14. Sorry, I'm not sure why this was posted. I'm looking for NEW, and under $80. Not a used Scotty for $250...
  15. Hey guys, first time poster here. I've been reading/learning from this site for the past month. Great Forum! I recently graduated from grad school and am taking up golf again (finally an income). I played fairly frequently from the age of 8 until 18, and while in college played a grand total of 3 rounds of golf! My current clubs are in BAD shape, so I will be in the market for a full new set in the near future. However, my first purchase is going to be a new putter. Now to my issue: I've been putting around at 5-6 stores around my area and have decided that the "#9 style putters"
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