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  1. Hahah.. UL... you should elaborate more about this event. This tournament was organised by our forum (reddotgolfers.org) in Singapore. This tournament is a competition between 3 groups that we grouped according to which part of singapore we reside in. Singapore being "alittle red dot", we divided our island to West, Central and East, hence it is also know as A WCE competition
  2. wow.. guys.. thanks alot for enlightening me. :)
  3. HI fusioncal, Which model of R7 Super Quad did your close friend bought? TP or normal? Do you know what are the primary differences between the two? If possible can you enlighten me the difference with regards to the feel of the swing and impact if you've tested both? I am only aware of the following difference of the specification between the TP model and normal - bundles more weights for you to adjust your desired swing - TP offers RH 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 deg loft while normal has an additional 11.5 - TP offers REAX 55, 65 and 75 shaft while the normal is only available in REAX 65. F
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Cleveland Gunmetal, I've actually searched the website before and was hoping that Scotty Cameron's website would provide some feedback or comparison between the two but unfortunately none. I am hoping to hear some "testers" who maybe using the newport 2 and may have tried the newport 2.5 at a recent visit to a golf shop for their inputs. Unfortunately, not many shops here have both available at the same time.. I wonder why?? (Are they so similiar that it doesnt make sense to the retaillers to carry both???) Please keep your comments coming in... thanks a bun
  5. U just modeled what a golfer's etiquette and respect should be... well done buddy. Hope he spreads the word on how to behave on the golf course..
  6. I am shopping around for a new putter and am toying with the idea of either the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 or 2.5. I've managed to try the Newport 2 at a golf place over the weekend. I like the heavy head and the feel of the club. Have been looking around to try the Newport 2.5 but can't seem to find a shop nearby that carries it. I would hope Newport 2 and Newport 2.5 users are able to give me your inputs on each of these clubs you've used... If possible, can anyone who used both clubs offer me your inputs on what you find different (other than physical of course ;P) between these two clu
  7. Thumper, What did you go for eventually? R7 SQ?
  8. I just got my hands on the TM R7 NS pro 950 Steel Shaft . I didn't opt for the TP version since I am still a high handicapper. Like this new set of irons alot. It allows better control and feel than my old Maruman Titus V1 Graphite shaft set which is very much a beginner's set. Another plus factor for me with the R7 is that its within my budget. Now looking to add on or rather replacing my old Tourstage driver with the R7 Super Quad.
  9. wow... R5 is no longer available here anymore.. they are marketing all the R7s only. I heard that the R7-425 is pretty good stuff too... anyone care to feedback? I believe this would be cheaper than the Super Quad by easily 20%.
  10. The superquad with the MWT should be able to help you with your slight fade. I think the superquad is really sweet... Me too am thinking of getting my hands on it soon. I find that its pretty easy to fire it off. Good luck
  11. Hi drewmart, I am also looking to upgrade to a new driver. I've tried the X460 by Callaway but don't like it. I get pretty hollow feeling. I like the r7 super quad but think it may be above your budget. Tried it and I seem to be able to find the sweet spot 8/10 times. But if generally you don't fade with the driver, then you don't really need to go with the r7 draw. If you are a hard and fast hitter, don't go for the regular shafts. I've heard that the Cobra (with red Adlila shaft) is pretty easy to use... but have not tried it personally yet. Happy shopping...
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