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  1. It's not Christian it's Crosstian. As in people who nail others to crosses. (A Christian set me straight between the two species. One reads the Bible the other beats people with it.)
  2. ................O lord will you give me a Mercedes Benz, my friends all drive Porsche's.....I must make amends. I wait home every morning awaiting delivery, O lord will you send me a flat screen TV. - Janis Joplin
  3. Applying Game Theory to is there a god: If you believe there is and are correct you go to heaven. If your wrong nothing happens. If you don't believe and are correct nothing happens. If your wrong...................your still covered because in a parallel universe you are a believer. The other guy gets to go to hell. Isn't science wonderful!
  4. The original God Particle Theory states that all that is......is god. That makes us all particles of god arguing whether or not we exist.....in multiple universes....at the same time.....taking both sides of the argument.
  5. What would Tom Cruise do? Great bumper sticker, only most people wouldn't get the joke.
  6. Those of us that practice with Almost Golf Balls have already limited our ball to fit our practice area. I wouldn't mind have a selection of tour quality reduced distance balls available. It would save me a lot of money on course fees by making the local Ex. 9 playable with long irons and driver. (I could stay in practice with my long irons and driver by playing and not having to use the range.)
  7. The Devils greatest accomplishment is convincing us he doesn't exist. His mistake was inventing Golf to remind us he did.
  8. Stepped in old Troll poop, while saying the "P" word on a full moon. It's not your fault.
  9. He's a fake. Everybody (in North Korea) knows that Kim Jong il was the greatest golfer that ever was. (I heard he used Ping Zings?)
  10. Then you can keep the damn things. I got into enough trouble with my Magic Sword, Shield and Helmet.
  11. I wonder if there's a significant difference in feel between regular Eye 2's and BeCu? Same molds, same shafts and same grips.
  12. According to the guys with the bad haircuts on the History Channel the statement above is almost correct. We are Mutts made by aliens. (Ancient Aliens, a show that's presented with the seriousness as one on WW2. Tom only gets the silver nut case medal.) Dianetics is a remarkable book! Lets give Ron L Hubbard some credit. He made barely readable science fiction into a tax-exempt religion. Of course everybody knows this is all BS. Earth was started as an intergalactic penal colony for humans that gets blown back into the stone age every now and then. At least this th
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