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  1. May handicap seldom rises above 3, and usually falls to scratch by the end of the year. Last year in our match play tournament I ran into a 15-handicapper who played off the senior tees. With three holes to play he was just 5 over par, he did blow up on the last three holes, letting me back in the match, but he closed me out on the last hole by halving the hole with a bogey after he had a tremendous shot out a greenside unmowed area. I played one of my best rounds of the year, shooting a net 69, and still couldn't take him. I played with him recently again in our regualr weekend gr
  2. I think we can all feel your pain on this one. I've been playing in a lot of tournaments lately, and my ultimate goal is to one day feel as comfortable in a tourament round as I do when I out playing a practice round with myself. It would be safe to say that I'm not there yet. Here's an "a-ha" moment I had in a tournament round last Sunday. I got off to a pretty shaky start, bogeying 2 of the first four holes. Standing on the tee box of the 5th hole I resolved to stop playing in a tournment, and start just playing golf. I love to golf. I absolutely love it. And I hate it when my nerves
  3. Bunkerputt, You asked me, "what does the foot pumping do for you?" That's a good question,which means that I'm not sure what the answer is, other than it satisfies some mental itch that I'm not able to understand. The pumping doesn't allow me to acquire proper foot alignment, because I just basically keep picking it up and setting it down in the right place every time. While I'm doing this I really don't have any specific swing thoughts going though my head, other than to try and hit the ball toward my target. This weekend I played in a 2-day tournmanent. I played decntly, shooting
  4. Brandon, It's hard to say. I don't think my entire foot comes off the ground. And frankly, it's more of a problem with the left foot than right. It's just starts pumping up n' down, but I doubt if the foot actually comes off the ground, and if it does, it's only by fractions. Like I was stomping ants or something. (You know, everytime I write more about his I'm more and more convinved I'm a basket case of some sort.) I played last night, and I think it was better. It really gets bad if I'm under stress. Like with an approach shot on the final hole with he match on the line, or w
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. First of all, I don't want to give the wrong impression. I did break 70 recently, but that is far from the norm. Over the course of a year I might do it 5-6 times. My point was that all this foot stomping I do doesn't seem to effect my game. I'm not actually sure how long I take over the ball. To me it seems like it's a long time, but Stretch maybe right in that it only seems that way to me. I've never had anyone refuse to play with me, or even comment about after a round. Mainly I chalk that up to golfers generally being pretty nice people. Thanks again fo
  6. I'm a good player. I currently carry a 2.1, and would expect it to get down to near scratch before the end of the season. I'm consistent off the tee, hit a lot of greens, and make my share of putts. One thing I can't do though, and that is pull the trigger. Remember when Sergio went through that phase of gripping and regripping? Well, I've got a similar problem, but it's more with my feet. Virtually everytime I stand over the ball my feet start pumping like pistons. I CAN'T get them to stop. After extended time of leg and foot pumping, I finally get settled in enough to make a swing.
  7. Like most of you on here, I have a regular weekend group I play with. It's a great group of guys. We usually just play skins and greenies, which is fine, but the group wheels off the lowest handicap, which is mine. I usually start the year at about a 4, and am able to work my day down to sratch over the course of the season. I'm currently 2. Our group, which is usually about 8-10 players, uses thef full handicap. The next lowest handicap is a 4, but most of the others are in the 9-11 range. I know there are larger issues in the world, but this doesn't seem like a fair game to me.
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