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  1. No comment towards the original topic, as I rarely use the cart girls (if I do, I tip as I would a waitress-15-20%). But, I would caution a word of warning about tipping delivery guys; In my bachelor days, I lived with several pizza delivery guys, and a guy who worked at Domino's. They REMEMBER people(addresses) that don't tip. The repercussions for this lapse in judgement ranged from getting a cold pizza delivered extremely late, to receiving any number of "extra, unseen" ingredients placed on your pie (you can use your imagination...I'll spare you the disgusting details!). While I nev
  2. I'd like to see Stricker pull one out. Seems like a pretty classy guy...
  3. I'M a jerk for starting this thread over three years ago...
  4. HA HA!! Suck it Poulter! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Way to go Paddy!! Harrington = 100% class!! Poulter = 100% Ass. Guess its not quite you and Tiger and then everybody else. Huh Ian?
  5. Its links golf, and its the Open championship. Its been played this way for the past 148 years. This is what they should expect for this style of golf in Great Britain. If you don't like it, join Kenny Perry in Milwaukee, thats where you're from anyway isn't it? I mean golf is not always Florida sun and perfect conditions!
  6. I just hope that she wouldn't be too disappointed when she discovered my putter was a Dunlop and not a Scotty.
  7. This is the best way to handle this situation. I've got to be honest, When I got to a tee box where they were teeing off, if they denied my request to play through, I probably would have teed off right after they did(not while they were in the fairway, but like we were playing as a threesome), and just moved through them while they were still skulling their shots all over the fairway. I truly believe in the civility and decorum of the game, however it goes both ways, and these tools did not respect you or the game, in my opinion. I am a hack, but I can keep pace with the best of them, and if s
  8. Dude... I'm sure we are all impressed at your weight lifting prowess, and sports experience, however, as someone who has played plenty of football, has suffered with knee problems for years, and works in the medical field, I completely disagree with your opinion. The stress on a knee caused by a REPEATED golf swing is entirely different than that experienced playing football. Couple that with the fact that no two people heal exactly the same, your "empirical" evidence of the video of him at the Open, crumbles under scrutiny. When you have copies of his MRI, and have been in the OR with his su
  9. HISTORIC!!! I have a huge man crush....
  10. Hey..don't mention it.. always glad to help out the slow witted
  11. Ganja..you shouldn't have said anything man!!! This is just f...ing hilarious!! In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny "What a bunch of maroons"
  12. This just keeps getting better!!! keep reeling'em in Ganja..like shooting fish in a barrel!! Oh yeah...I've cut my handicap in half..great tip!
  13. So true...Classic....Ganja....rep point coming from me....
  14. Well put... The bottom line is, Doulter was having a poor round (by his standards) and needed somewhere to direct his frustration. Erik provided an easy target. Golf is truly a gentleman's game. I believe this, but these a-holes need to quit blaming everything and everyone for their lousy play, and take a look in the mirror. In other words ..shut up and play the game you spoiled, pampered twit. Just MHO.
  15. My wife is not lacking in the brain department either...however, she could give a flip about golf or fishing, so she doesn't keep a running tab on every purchase I make...
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