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  1. I've been playing my Ping i15 (9.0 degrees, UST Mamiya S shaft) for going on 6 years now, and it's been a great club. I'm thinking of upgrading to newer technology, and would love some feedback/input on possible shaft/head combinations that I might be looking for. Swing speed is 110-115 mph, "typical" carry currently is about 250 yds. I am looking for something low spin, medium/high trajectory. I can hit just about any club, but aesthetically gravitate to Titleist and Ping. I've never done any type of shaft upgrade when purchasing, and really fell into the i15 by accident. I w
  2. Tried to compress the pics, sorry they're huge. I've played with my Edel twice now (not counting 3 or 4 sessions on the practice green). I haven't made every putt, but the fit, feel and control have been an immediate and pronounced improvement versus my prior menagerie of putters. I'm consistently hitting putts on the line in intend (unless I manually pull or push them off line - which I can tell). My speed is dramatically improved, and I have been extraordinarily steady on all my 4-8 foot clean up putts. I suspected I would really benefit from a properly fit putter, but thus far I am ext
  3. "My hosel is ridiculous" sounds like it should be on a T-shirt. How do you like the Pixl insert?
  4. GD, how are you liking the Pixl insert? Good feel?
  5. Yup, that's the one. Different hosel, but same putterhead. I will post pics when she arrives.
  6. Had the fitting done yesterday with Matt Mora from Urban Golf in LA. Myself and my buddy Andrew (aka "The Soss") scheduled back to back with him. First, the studio. It's a hip place, very small facility (converted house, maybe 1100 square feet) right on Sepulveda in LA (just south of Olympic). There's a small parking lot adjacent to the property, with only 3 spots available. One of their guys happily took my keys and played valet (my car moved twice during my two hours there). The staff were extremely present, positive and outgoing. Urban Golf is a very interesting concept. A ful
  7. Fitting for clubs, for most players, won't bring about much of a change, certainly not in the short term. Setting aside the variable of quality of the fitters themselves, playing with clubs that are the optimal fit for a player's size and fundamentals actually provides a pretty sizeable benefit. I myself was fit at the Callaway studio in Carlsbad 4 years ago. My wife bought me the fitting as a birthday present. Until that time, I had been "fitted" in a retail golf store 2 or 3 different times as I was trying to size up woods and irons. The recommendations ranged from "standard/stand
  8. LA Fitting Update - Some other posters have already referenced Urban Golf and Matt Mora. He charges $165 for the hour fitting session. I am scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I am bringing another golfer with me, and we're scheduled back to back. I attempted to negotiate a discount, he offered me $150 for the hour (each), or 10% off a purchase, if we elect to buy (I intend to). I will try to get the $150 and the 10% discount, stay tuned. Also, something else very interesting to consider: he is a certified fitter for Edel, but he also fits for other OEM putter manufacturers (P
  9. You're spot on. I'm definitely delivering a descending blow at impact. I've improved some over the past couple of years, but now I have two young ones at home, and the practice tee has largely been sacrificed. I'm fortunate to be pretty consistent, but my next driver purchase will definitely be targeting something with a lower spin rate. Good analysis!
  10. I'm definitely interested. Dates aren't as important (yet), but generally the later in the year, the better. Empire Lakes would be a great choice, that's not a far haul for me. I could probably scrape together 1 or 2 other guys, all legit mid cappers (10 - 12). Just let me know.
  11. When I went from the Titleist 975D (5600 rpm backspin - measured at Callaway fitting studio in Carlsbad) to the Ping i15 (3200 rpm (measured at Roger Dunn Santa Ana), I noticed an immediate difference in distance (20+ yards of carry). I used to hit a low "climber" that the old timers used to love watching, but my carry was maybe 230, even worse with any wind. With the improved spin rates on the i15, the same swing moves me to 250+ carry (probably 260 max). My swing speed is 110-114 measured on the store launch monitors at RD Santa Ana. I think (as posters have noted) you'll need the
  12. Spoke with Rob Gallagher from Edel Golf. The fitting is not included in the price of the putter, and they give autonomy to the fitters to charge what they want. He did give Matt Mora a strong endorsement as a fitter, for what that's worth.
  13. The concern is fair, and is shared by me. Surely a private studio in LA has a high overhead cost that needs to be maintained, and I'm guessing that feeds the cost. I will call Rob Gallagher (Edel rep) back today to revisit the issue with him, and will report back when I have more info. I'd always kind of figured the putter operation would cost about $500, whether that's $165/$335 or $50/$450. I will keep you posted.
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