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  1. Was going to get a SM micro cart anyway. What's new with the 2012? Looks like the same cart with a little back-pack.
  2. I just got, and I am enjoying reading Zen Putting by Joseph Parent It's more about the mental aspect of golf though Personally I found the following drills a big help 1) 6 balls around the hole about 3 feet away in a big circle knock um in (nice and easy) 2) 6 balls in a line away from the hole about 3 feet apart start at the one closest to the hole (learn to read the green and aim in stages) 3) Start 30 feet away and try and get all the balls in a 3 feet radius of the hole (get the feel of a 2 put) Try doing those with different grips,
  3. Rustyredcab +1 May have been the best and most concise advice i've seen posted here. I never relized how much I am tring to hit a great golf shot rather than play golf.
  4. I am really close to playing in the 80's but I can't seem to get ride of a couple of horrable holes each round. My putting has improved to two puts, my short game in general has helped out my score a lot more than I thought it could. Drives are OK (used to be better but kind of slicing sometimes last few rounds). Typical round is boggie golf with a few pars and maybe a birdy but I seem to have 2 lost/out of bounds/in the water holes that kill my score. Only thing I can think of is course managment. How do you judge when to get agressive and when to lay up? Anyone
  5. Driving 300 yards is nothing... Last weekend I hit a hybrid 400 yards off the fairway. With 200 yard to the hole, I hit a my super power fade but it went and hit a tree next to the green. Than bounced strait back and started bouncing down the cart path. It stopped right next to me. Had to laugh really never seen anything like it. So yea thats 400 yards.
  6. I was really hoping it said "total consciousness"... At lest i'd have that going for me... Which is nice.
  7. I had something like this happen to me 2 weeks ago. I had my putter cut down by 3" and the grip changed out to a FATSO. My short puts are dead on but the look and feel made me uncomfortable and unconfident on long puts. I took an old traditional putter and the new one to a green and spent a good hour alternating between the two. Try it and see what you find.
  8. I got a Nakashima Black Ninja Wedge. It's a really well made golf club and it's top notch but I'd like to know what it says... Anyone know?
  9. I recently had my Odissy White Steel #5 shortened from 35" to 32". This helps me get my eyes over the ball and feel comfortable. Also had the grip changed to a Fatso light. I thought this may cause the club to become lighter so I got some lead tape but have not used it yet. Odd thing is I am killing it on anything inside 7 feet! Unfortunatly I am way off on longer puts, some I leave very short some way past the hole. Untill I figure this out I am considering lugging arround 2 putters. Was thinking about the Snake Eyes SV1 putter. Anyone used that one an
  10. That's a nice swing to start out with. I found the one legged drill very helpful when I started and go back to it when I lose my swing... Cheers
  11. That sounds alot like what I am doing. I described it as a "late" hinging motion. The basic advise is if it's not effecting the shot don't worry to much about it.
  12. Hittting the sweet spot on the JPX 800 Pros makes a big differnce. I lost 10 yards when I first got mine but now I am hitting the ball further than I could with other clubs. My JPX Pro PW is a solid 100 yards. Give it a few weeks of practice as I doubt it's the club but they are soft and can be bent easly...
  13. I just got a 20XI Tiger Woods Hat. Him and Charlie Sheen are my idols. I heard they even play golf every once and a while...
  14. Are you still using and liking this watch? Find it accurate on other courses?
  15. OK so maybe come up with a mantra, start drinking heavly and toss stuff... I can do that! The bad break was my ball went just off the fairway into the first cut (or so it looked) Guy I was playing with was walking ahead of me a little deeper in the tree line and saw a ball wedge agenst a tree. Bridgestone RX, I had to waste a swing just getting the ball back towards the fairway. Than hit it about 165 just shy and right of the green. All in all not a bad save considering the ball was in a real bad spot. Figured I can still get up and down for a 5 on a par 4. Gra
  16. Any advice for recovering from a bad break? I recently blew up on the 8th hole and just couldn't shake it. I relized what was happening but the next 3 holes I did everything wronge. Went from pars and bogies to shooting a 10,9,10 When I finially relized the score for that round was ruined I went back to par/bogies and even pared the hardest hole on the course. So any mental tricks or distractions you guys use to get out of the funk?
  17. I have a *15 910F and a *19 910H Off a tee I am hitting the fairway wood strait as an arrow and about 230-245 yards Off the fairway I can hit it 220 but VERY inconsistantly. The hybrid is a good 200-210 for me off the fairway 190ish out of the ruff and I seldom need it off the teebox. The hybrid is very sold off the ground. (my swing speed is about 95-100mph with the driver) Hope that helps.
  18. My Driver is a stock Cobra regular flex Cobra Fit-On Max 65 My 3 wood is also stock 910F fairway wood MITSUBISHI RAYON DIAMANA KAI'LI 75 FOR TITLEIST This is the first time I went with a custom flex because I am hitting my Project X shafted irons very well.
  19. Just to follow up. You Can NOT just unscrew the hybrid head and put it on the 3 wood.
  20. My swing is a little slower but... I play a Project X HE6 in my *19 910H and so far i'm loving it. No duck hooks... Can play a slight draw or fade but the thing goes mostly strait and far.
  21. The pull/hook maybe grip. My mishits are usually pulls/hooks and I think it's because my grip is in the "strong" position. This may help http://www.golf-golfing.com/golf_hook.html
  22. I have almost the exact same make up/club distance as you. I got a Titliest 910H 19* and love it. It works for me on lies that I would not try my fairway wood out of but still want a little more distance than my 4i gives me. It's also adjustable and the change in lie/loft does make a differnce.
  23. Usually go with my *58-12 For me it depends most on the sand. Fluffy with a lower lip and more roll to the hole I may go as low as *50-09.
  24. Crazy? May help chipping? Has anyone done this before?
  25. the differnce from *50 to *53 is not enuff My PW is *45 and GW is *50 I was thinking of getting a a *55 and *60 or *54 and *58 Is a consistant *5 differnce better?
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