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  1. Nike Slingshot OSS irons, Good deal?

    bump...any opinions?
  2. Hi Im just starting out golf and needed to buy some irons. I decided to buy them used instead of new as many people recommended doing. I currently practice with a driver and a free burner 2.0 6 iron that I absolutely love(but cant afford) A guy on craigslist is selling me a 5 Wood-Nike Sumo 4 Hybrid-Nike Sumo 5 Hybrid-Nike Sumo 6 Hybrid-Nike Sumo and Nike Sling Shot Irons -2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-PW-GW all for $220. Do you guys feel like this is a good deal for a beginner. I already have a nike sumo 5900 driver that I like. thanks