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  1. This is just grossly vulgar. Millionaires/approaching Billionaires playing one round of golf for what equals to about 500 American's yearly salary. Bad optics in a time when Americans are growing weary of over-privileged rich athletes...
  2. Coffin Club on White River off of 30th street near Speedway is another fun layout.
  3. I do not see what the big deal with Golf Club of Indiana is? Layout is flat and uninspiring. If you want to go north quite a bit -- there is Wildcat Creek in Kokomo, Mystic Hills (Pete Dye) near Culver and Swan Lake up near Plymouth. Going south, The Legends south of Greenwood.
  4. What was the deal with Furyk on 14 (I think) tee box when he turned around and finger wagged someone? An ill-timed "Get in the hole" or "mash potatoes"? Crowds are inceasingly more obnoxious with all the shout-outs.
  5. You lost me here...unless it is opposite's week,. Aside from your portfolio maybe going up, the current admin is making sure gvment employment and budget (what budget?) deficits necessarily sky-rocket.
  6. Hmm, OK now a Professor of Liberal Arts is saying they function in the universe of facts? It's a universe all right. How about getting back to planet earth and reality. And I love the HuffPo and ThinkProgress sources! Income inequality might be rising but "poverty" standard of livings are as well! Someone in poverty back in the 40's 50's 60's did not have the equivalents of today's large screen TVs, internet access, laptops, iPads, iPhones, central air, 2 cars, emergency health care etc etc. Being poor in the US is not what it used to be. Seems back in the day there was real hardship and people went without. It made them want to get out of that postion and improve themselves. Today, there is incentive to stay in that position. 52 weeks of unemployment? Are you kidding me?
  7. Wow..I am stunned at how many think someone is evil because they make a business decision. It is none of anyone's business why Phil wants to get out...he should have just kept quiet. But you cannot begrudge a person for wanting to hold on to their $$ no matter how much they make! We all try and do that! This whole 2012 election has pitted haves vs have nots and that is not the America I recall growing up. Now, everyone wants to punish those that succeed and admonish someone not giving their "fair share." I am sure Phil has given way more than his fair share over his career and does not like where his fair share is being distributed. This is (maybe) still America where you can vote with your feet. Geesh, no wonder the country is going down the crapper....
  8. Scott Hoch always came off as an arrogant pr*ck to me.
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