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  1. I usually have twenty. Balls suffering cart path damage get replaced immediately. I played Thursday and lost one in the middle of the fairway.
  2. I play every day (walking), sometimes 36 holes. I'd like to play 36 every day, but I start to wear down after four or five consecutive 36 hole days.
  3. I play with a group that has permanent tee times Monday-Friday. Weekends, I'll call or make a tee time while I'm in the pro shop. If I'm playing at a different course, someone else makes the tee time.
  4. 38-38 on a course I'd never cracked 40 before. The end of this golf year has been good!
  5. The two muni's in my city both are listed on GolfNow, but show the "mulligan" when you click on them. The dropped GolfNow because it wanted too many of their tee times. I suspect many of the courses showing the "mulligan" designation have done the same thing. Last year I saw occasions where you could get 18 holes & cart for less than $9. Prices that low might have caused them to switch services.
  6. Yesterday I shot 37-38=75. My best ever nine/total. The back nine included two doubles
  7. Yesterday I shot 37-38=75. My best ever nine/total. The back nine included two doubles
  8. I carry a spray bottle of water in the cup holder on my push cart. Spray the club & wipe, good to go.
  9. I use the Frogger tees for irons & hybrids. I lose more than I break.
  10. I shot 39-42=81. On the front, I had three consecutive birdies. Four double bogeys helped push my round into the eighties.
  11. Set up is in my signature. I've played TM and Cobra hybrids, but I hit the Integra I Drive hybrids much better.
  12. I use a push cart, my shoulder would be shot after a couple of holes if I carried.
  13. I enjoy walking the course. No need for my elliptical workout during the golf season. I think a cart costs $10, so I've saved close to $1800 this year. That has purchased new clubs, a bag, and a push cart. If they offered me a free cart, I'd still walk.
  14. Both the NXT and Velocity are longer than my previous balls. I have noticed that they both scuff easier than the Callaway and Slazanger balls I used to play.
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