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  1. Hunter Mahans pretty beast also. i definitly need to get that g10 hat that he wears.
  2. dude i can not wait to get a new driver, becasue this thing looks beautiful. i just hope they come out with a tour model.
  3. bought my cg2 irons and my hibore from there. no problems, it wouldnt be in golf digest for nothing
  4. well i have a very steep swing so i tend to produce a little too hight spin rates with my driver. i typicall hit an 8 iron 155. and the tp becasue i like the lowere penetratinbg ball fligh. im leaning more toward the ping becasuse i know alot of people with the g5 and they hit it pretty well. edit im also looking at the new driver, that looks pretty cool.
  5. alright for christmas ive been thinking of buying a new driver since my game is gonna be in single digits next year hopefully. ive been thinking of getting a burner tp, or a ping g10 with a grafalloy prototype bi matrix. yeah, i think im gonna rock the pink one. so, does anyone have any exprenience with these clubs, and does anyone know where i can get that shaft for the ping driver, cuz i know bubba has one on his rapture.
  6. winged foot, westchester country club winged foot has alot of side hill and stuff westchester has lots of elevation on some holes
  7. i made a threaad about this a while ago but just make a good swing and really fully extend your arms. a few weeks a go i couldnt make a divot with a sand wedge and now im destroying the turf. divots should be about and inch infront of the ball.
  8. for me i do what ian poulter does do what feels natural to you, hand even with my long irons and a tiny bit infront with my short irons and wedges.
  9. well im a cleveleand guy so i vote for the cgs just becasue my grandpa has a 52 and he gets unbeleivable spin,, but, my friend bought a talyormade rac tp 52 and i love it, he gets so much spin with it.
  10. my bag just broke and im either going to buythe taylor made r7 stand bag if i can frind a good deal on it, or a titleist or cleveland e9 stand bag.
  11. shot a 100. very angry, because i would have shot a high 80s to low 90s round, but my drives and my shortgame killed me. i am really mad about that round. 2 holes destroyed my round
  12. prettty sure u can get them refinished somewhere.
  13. thanks guys, advixce is still welcome. im now making divots and hitting down. my shots are going a bit farther also. i did that towel dril, and its working pretty good.
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