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  1. I spend very little time on the driving range. I might hit 5 or 10 balls prior to a round but mostly it's just to warm up. I find that practice can actually hurt my game. I have a very natural and athletic swing. I used to go to the range more frequently, mostly to try out new drivers, but my game never improved. I've always been anywhere between a 2 and 5 handicap. Some of this might be due to the fact that I don't switch irons. I've played Ping Eye 2 irons ever since I was a lad. I'd play 36 holes every day in the summer at the country club. Summers were great.
  2. I don't believe that Ping ever manufactured a set of BeCu Plus (no+). If they did I've never seen a set. Every set of Ping Eye 2+ BeCu irons that I've seen have the "+" sign in the cavity. For those of you who don't know or don't understand, in 1989 Karsten decided to make a significant change to the Ping Eye 2 iron. Additional weight was added to the toe and the sole in the short irons became more scalloped. I'm not talking about the type of scallops you eat. This particular set also had square grooves. After 6 months they had to change the grooves and they put a "+" sign in the cavity. I have the set with no + sign. The best set.
  3. I've always been a great ball striker. I've tried the MP-67 irons and I thought they felt very nice. I was a bit disappointed in that the seemed to be half a club short. I need my irons to go exact distances. With the Ping Eye 2s I know exactly how far every iron will travel. Another fantastic iron is the original Wilson FG-17 blade. Best feeling iron I've ever tried, with the exception of the Ping Eye 2. Just came from the club where I had a BLT, coke and fries.
  4. I found the ISI series of irons to be very disappointing. I owned a set of the BeCu for about a month. Horrible looking iron at address. Not comparable to the Ping Eye 2. Last year I beat William Tornquist in the final round of match play at my private club. Willy is a bit stout and I think the 36 holes was too much for him. I beat him with 4 to play. That was indeed a great championship. People at the club just refer to me as Champ.
  5. I'm not sure if I believe you. The only person people watch at my club is me. I've won the club championship 3 times with my trusty Ping Eye 2 + (no plus) irons. It's the greatest iron ever played. Heck, there must be 30 other people at my private country club who own a set of Ping Eye 2 irons after seeing them in my bag. What I never tell them is that they've got the wrong set! You need the Ping Eye 2+ (no Plus). The regular Ping Eye 2 is great but not quite as good. I'd try to explain further but I don't think most of you would understand.
  6. Thanks. I know I'm lucky. I've belonged to country clubs since I was a young lad. We'd play 18 holes, go to the snack shack and we'd put the burger and fries on my parents club number. Then we'd go play another 18. That's how I became a champion.
  7. The Ping G is an abomination compared to the Ping Eye 2 irons. Nobody hits their irons better than me at my club. I've won the club championship 3 times and I have the coveted "Club Champ" sign in front of my reserved parking spot. Sometimes when I go to the range people stop to watch. They see the Ping Eye 2 irons in my bag and they say "wow, Champ, you've been playing these irons since you were a kid". This kind of attention bothers me but it's just part of the deal when you keep winning club tournaments.
  8. Shot a smooth 72 yesterday and I hadn't played in a week. I'm probably one of the best ball strikers I know.
  9. I was amazed at the crowds yesterday and how they swarmed the green as Tiger strode up to his ball. It reminded me of my last club championship. We had a gallery of almost 60 members watching myself and Sherman Anderson duel it out over 36 holes. Of course we were the final match and the entire country club was thrilled. I'm a fairly popular member of my club. I've won the club championship 3 times and I'm the best player at the club. It's a member-owned club and that makes all the difference. I've served on the board. The club champions dinner is a sight to behold and I always give a great speech. I remember winning that last match and how all the members were jumping up and down and then waiting to shake my hand. I'll never forget that day. I now have the coveted club champion's parking spot, name on the trophy for the third time and everyone at the club calls me "Champ". Well I'm off to the club to get some range time in and then have dinner. Might play some gin afterward with the gents. Usually my good friend Bart and I sip a Mint Julep before I head home.
  10. The photo is of the Ping Eye 2+ irons, not the Ping Eye 2 + no + that I purchased in mint condition for a song. For those of you who don't know, the Ping Eye 2 + no + came out in 1989. It was similar in design to the original Ping Eye 2 square groove with a few distinctions. First, the soles of the PW, 9 iron and 8 iron were more scalloped allowing for greater shot variety. Second, they added additional weight toward the toe, creating a perfectly balanced head designed for ultimate shotmaking and forgiveness. The difference between the Ping Eye 2+ and the + no + is small but important to note. The + no + model has square grooves. This model was created while Karsten and the USGA were in battle over the square groove controversy. Also, it's difficult to find a set of Ping Eye 2+ irons with the ZZ-Lite shaft (the gold standard in shafts). Most Ping Eye 2+ irons can be found with the KT shaft or KT-M shaft. Both are stiffer than the ZZ-Lite and have less playability. I have the best version and was able to negotiate a price with the owner of the golf store. The price I paid was probably $100 less than what an average customer would have paid. I think the owner wanted me to have them after seeing me hit them in the simulator. I don't think he's seen that kind of consistency since he opened. Before I left he said "man, you sure know how to hit a golf ball". I simply replied "the trick is not in knowing, it's in execution". It's these little experiences that make life that much more enjoyable.
  11. I have no time for clowns. Run along little man. I hit the Ping Eye 2s great during the second nine. Two under for a smooth 70. This game is so easy with Ping Eye 2s. If you have the means I highly recommend.
  12. I'm typing fast and really don't care if I make a spelling mistake. I'm not writing a novel here and it's pretty sad that you're hanging your hat on your ability to spell and fight. Either you're a complete nerd or a brainless twit. Either way I'd school you on the course.
  13. Well, at least I understand your roll now as the spelling nazi. I guess every forum needs someone who's willing to lurk around the boards all day and look for errors. I'm sure you are a good fighter. Most people who know how to fight brag about it on golf forums. I will be sure to stay clear of you. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to golf discussion. I'm sure there's a forum out there for angry little men so please be on your way toward finding it. My deepest sympathies.
  14. First, calling names as you did in your post is a sure sign of weakness. So, my weak friend, I will try to explain to you in the simplest terms possible whey the Ping Eye 2 irons are more accurate. But, before I begin, I should point out to you that most handicap organizations will calculate your handicap for you. You don't need to get out your ancient HP 12C and spend hours at your desk trying to figure it out. Just a thought for ya. The Ping Eye 2 is the most accurate iron ever created. Surely you've seen tests where different irons were tested using Iron Byron? Did you notice the results were different? That means that different irons yield different results. So, all other things being equal, the Ping Eye 2 iron will always be more accurate. I've never seen anyone strike the ball better than me and I've tried just about every iron out there. Since that's the case, and since I hit the Ping Eye 2 more accurately than any other iron, it stands to reason that it's the most accurate iron out there. Carry on.
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