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  1. I think it would more appropriate to say that Rory hasn't lived up to his potential at all. After 2014, I thought he would dominate. For a top rated player, I have never seen anyone worse at hitting shots from 100 yards out. He's absolutely horrible at that shot and is the most frustrating player to watch, because he constantly throws shots away. He does it on the putting green as well. He'll have a 15 foot putt and hit it 6 feet past the hole. Rory should have 3 more majors by now. At a minimum.
  2. It isn't fake and the site line wasn't drawn on. That's exactly how the original club looks. The club has been used without a cover so it has wear. I can't believe some of you thought the site line was drawn when clearly it's engraved into the metal. I had this putter and that's exactly how it appears. It's real.
  3. I have belonged to a country club for over 20 years. I have won the club championship several times. We have automatic tee times on Fri, Sat and Sun and we have a big skins game. The club championship trophy sits in a glass case near the entrance to the club. I also have my own club champion parking space. There is nothing better than belonging to a country club where everyone knows you are the club champ.
  4. I'm simply sharing some of my golf achievements and great matches over the years. In some ways my accomplishment of winning 5 club championships is greater than Koepka. Sure, he's won 4 majors but all at different courses.
  5. Whether it be stairs or stare...the effect is the same....it makes people slip and fall. There is nothing more satisfying than being 2 or 3 down in match play and then coming back and beating your opponent. One of my most amazing victories happened in a similar fashion. I was 3 down to William Tornquist heading into the 15th hole...a devilish 200 yarder over a large hourglass-shaped lake. Willy hit his shot to the top portion of the green whilst the flag was in front. He gave a little fist pump and smirked at me. I gave him my icy stare and he looked a little shell shocked. I then proceeded to hit one of my best shots of the day, 10 feet from the hole. William 2-putted but I knocked mine in. On the next tee, William said to me "nice shot, Champ". I simply gave him a receptive nod. I beat him the rest of the way in and won my 4th club championship. William has never been the same after that match. He finds it hard to even sit at the same table. He knows I own him.
  6. I'm in very good shape for my age. I doubt there is anyone else in their mid 40's with washboard abs like me. I do a regular routine of ab exercises at the gym. I wear a form-fitting Nike shirt that accentuates my physique. Of course, being physically fit has helped me win numerous golf tournaments and accolades. People call me "Champ" at my club. I just feel that Dustin kind of gave it up at the end. He could have won.
  7. I don't appreciate that. I've contributed to very few threads on this fine forum. The first was about the benefits of Ping Eye 2 irons and now I'm talking about the PGA Championship. I fail to see how that is disingenuous. I'm a Club Champion and once played to a scratch. I doubt if there is anyone on this forum who could beat me at a tough course. I have to warn you, though. I'm a player. Even if I'm down 3 holes you aren't in the clear. I bear down, put on the icy stair and there are few men who do not fall apart.
  8. As a 5-time club champion, I understand what it takes to win. Yes, you can absolutely give it away even if you are not in the lead. Dustin had the momentum and was closing in on Koepka, who's balls were in his throat. All Dustin had to do is avoid bogey and he would have won. I know this to be true. I see things in the game that others do not. Our head greenskeeper is named Tiny. He's anything but Tiny. He's probably 450 lbs on a good day. Nevertheless, Tiny has always said to me "Champ, I notice that you play a different game. What's your secret?". I reply "Tiny, it's the ice cold stare".
  9. You don't have to be in the lead to give it away. Trust me, I've been in the lead at several tournaments and I knew what the players behind me were doing. One time Bart was making a fiery comeback and on the 17th green I looked over at him and gave him what I call "the ice stare". He proceeded to hit it in the woods. Similar with Dustin. He got to within 2 strokes of the lead and Koepka was faltering....fast. He gave it up by bogeying the last 2 holes. Do you understand now?
  10. It has a great deal to do with it. I have won 5 club championships. The PGA is a championship. I've never met anyone who's won more club championships than me.
  11. For those of you who are not aware, I have won the club championship 5 times at my esteemed country club. I share this not to impress you, but rather to impress upon you the fact that I know what I'm talking about. I'm a player. Here are my takeaways from the PGA: 1. The crowds are horrible. The only reason the players lie and say they like the crowds is to stay in their good graces. 2. DJ could have won that tournament. Again, he gave it away. 3. I have played Bethpage and never bogeyed four holes in a row. 5. I believe Speith had 10 cups of coffee during the final round. That is all.
  12. Luke is on the list All that Jazz That short putt shook the Brook Speith May win the wreath I believe this crowd may have more dropouts than any other. I shot a 72 this morning
  13. Must I remind everyone that today is only the second day of the tournament. This Koepka fellow will show his true colors in quick fashion and will be nothing more than another one of the poor sots who vanished like dust in the wind.
  14. I'm both saddened and dismayed by the short-sighted mentality of several contributors to this highly-esteemed thread. The tournament is far from over and this bloke (Koepka) does little to impress me. At my country club, I have won 4 club championships. In some ways that's more impressive than 3 majors. I had to do it all at the same course against fellow members I see every day. My most fierce competitor is William Tornquist III. Twice now I've had to use a bit of gamesmanship to get under his skin, which isn't an easy task as he's a bit on the portly side. The first time I asked him if he had switched his brand of trousers or if he simply become more stout. I knew the latter was the answer but, nevertheless, mission accomplished as he tightened his belt to the second to last notch and went bogey bogey. I literally skipped off the 18th with my 4th victory in hand....dancing and singing all the way to the clubhouse to prepare for my victory speech.
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