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  1. i bought emerald dragon on a whim, i would not recommend it, it is unnecessarily hard. depending on pin locations, some of the holes are seriously impossible to putt on
  2. Ive been using How Far Am I? for my last 5 or so rounds. Its usually spot on, but ive had two shots it was off considerably (25-30 yds), and of course I didnt bother checking for a yardage marker . Ill contribute those to phone error though
  3. Hi Im Kyle, recently moved to the greater Detroit area for the summer for work, originally from Rockford, IL. Took about a 6 year hiatus from the game, but I started back up this spring and am playing better than I ever did before. Looking forward to the rest of this season and playing lots of new courses
  4. I just moved up here a few weeks ago. Ive played both Warren Valley courses, Idlywyld, and Glenhurst. Glenhurst is a nice cheap course, but its ALWAYS packed, at least when Ive been there. I just played Glen Oaks yesterday, yeah its no championship course, but for a municipal course it is very nice. I might try to play Taylor Meadows this weekend, heard lots of good things from coworkers
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