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  1. anything in particular that you have had success with?
  2. Looking to play a great foursome game with my teammates and we have tried it all. We've played wolf, scotch, and all the common games including skins and low ball/total. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to play next? We just want something new. Thanks!
  3. I'm not working on anything in particular, I'm just trying to get a ball flight on a ball. I'm used to a high draw, and then when I see my shadow, I'm so distracted that it puts a weak, slap cut on the ball. It's so demoralizing and almost makes me want to stop playing, because I don't see overcoming it!
  4. This is different from any mental block i've had. I can't even synchronize my swing. I hate it. It begins with believing I can overcome this, which I do, I just don't know a step to take.
  5. Ok guys, this is going to sound crazy, but I have lost my game when I'm standing over my shadow. I'm a pretty good player, and for someone of my nature to be struggling like this, with something this small concerns me, and it's KILLING my game. When my shadow is behind me, or to either side of me, it's not a problem. I make a GREAT golf swing I can get though, and it goes nice and high with a 5 yard draw. When my shadow is right over my ball, its a whole different story, I honestly have NO idea where it is going. My body just doesn't seem connected at all. During a tournament round
  6. I mean how do I present the idea to him? How to get him to "buy into" the idea.
  7. How do you guys suggest going to the head pro with this idea?
  8. That comes with confidence. Can you hit the shot you intend? Yes? Have you hit the shot before? Yes? That doesn't mean aim to the right side and magically you might hook one, it means don't let the slice hold you back from your game. Take the left side of the course out of play. Play with what you have that day. Aim left side of the fairway, if it stays there straight, fine... If it slices back, take it and move onto the next shot. You'll miss some greens if you are struggling, the trick is to not get FRUSTRATED with it. Say to yourself, yeah I can get up and down, I do it all
  9. Please remember this guy had to change from that swing because it tore his knee to shreds.........
  10. Thanks a ton! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. Shallow to steep produces some speed? What we were working on, to tighten it up a little at the top, I would place a glove under my left arm. It felt ALOT more connected, which I think is a good thing of course. I'm open to any suggestions. I just want to get my first collegiate victory under my belt. Thanks.
  11. Once again, I thank you so much for your help. I have one more question though. As for the shallow to steep down swing, changing the setup will allow my hands to get in a better position at the top? Which in turn allows me to be on more of the correct plane the full time? Thanks always --- Nick
  12. I see a bit of a re-route on the way down possibly? Swing feels GREAT though. I feel like I can swing as hard as I want at the ball. Tonight me and my coach were working on keeping my left arm more connected to my body at the top. "keeping the triangle"
  13. Watching Tiger coverage in Abu last night. I was noticing he was being out driven by Rory and the other guy up to 60 yards at some holes. Does Haney actually have something by talking about Tiger lifting TO much?
  14. I will upload 2 new videos tomorrow night as well. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to make those pictures. I truly appreciate it.
  15. Lift ----- back to what you said to that. I worked on this today, and it did feel good. I saw the article and saw the many demonstrations from pros including Tiger Woods and you sold me on it. Back to the lift though. What is something I can do so I don't just "lift" like you said. I'm assuming you mean lift the arms rather than turn?
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