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  1. I've shot +3 twice: last summer, 73 on a par 70 and in 1996 I shot a 75 a par 72. I've had three 78s this summer.
  2. Club championship this weekend. I played terribly on Saturday putting me in the consolation bracket. I recovered nicely yesterday, shooting 78 in the morning and 80 in the afternoon. Won my match and bracket 2up.
  3. Played yesterday in 102+ heat. Shot an 81 from the tips (6600 yds, par 71) with a stinking triple on the 8th hole and a three-putt bogey on the 14th. Didn't drive particularly well, but played pretty decent overall. I feel like I am very very close to shooting mid-70s.
  4. Pretty mediocre round Tuesday, shot a 43 on the front 9 from the tips at our club. On #9 I drove into the trees on the left and had to pitch back out into the fairway. From 115 with a downhill lie to an uphill green I holed a partial pitching wedge for a birdie 3. Ain't golf grand?
  5. I'm reading the article http://thesandtrap.com/b/thrash_talk/a_gentlemens_game about cheating and the section on the vanity handicap got me to thinking. I have what I believe to be an honest 10 handicap. In fact, I really think it should be lower as it is the result of a season of relatively mediocre play. Specifically, lots of three-putts that lead me to rarely break 80, but otherwise I stay under 84. But that isn't really my point: I've been posting all my scores, mediocre or not. Until yesterday. I played 4 days in a row and was physically exhausted. I mentally chec
  6. Congrats! I've been playing 30 years and never an Eagle. Had a hole-in-one once, so "technically"...
  7. We used to play in the Army no matter what the weather. I was stationed at Ft. Sill, OK, so from high 30's and blustery in the winter to 110+ in the summer. The fairways could get really baked, letting me once drive a 362 yard par-4. In Virginia we routinely play in the 90-100 range in the summer time with sweltering humidity.
  8. Finally a round with no 3-putts to card a 78 at my home course. Really starting to get the hang of the belly putter.
  9. Was on a business trip last week, shot 84-83. The 84 (par 72, 70.7/121) round was actually much better than the score, I didn't know the course and made two strategic errors that led to penalty strokes and resulted in a triple and a double. My ball striking was very good and my short game was excellent. I had a 7 hole stretch on the back nine that was -1. The 83 (par 70, 69.4/128) round was just the opposite: I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, but seemed to somehow manage to recover most of the time. I looked back over the scorecard and I had FIVE 3-putts. Once again, th
  10. You know, sometimes I fan that 2, And sometimes I catch that 3 a little thin. And I've hit flyers with the 4, I've hooked my 5, I've shanked the 6, Skulled the 8, Fatted the 9, Chili-dipped the wedge, And I've bladed the sand! There is ole Mr. Three-wiggle, isn't there? But then there's the seven iron. I never miss with the seven iron. - Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy
  11. Played 9 last night. Was going along OK until the Quadruple bogey on 9 for a 44.
  12. My warm-up routine is a little different than most. I do this before every round and before a practice session after I stretch for about 5 minutes: shoulders, lats, side stretches, toe touches, trunk rotations, back, calves, hamstrings, and groin. 1) about a dozen 7 irons: a few punches, a few 3/4, then a few full shots. 2) 5-10 drivers, mostly trying to figure out what my "natural" ball flight is that day. 3) a handful each of partial gap wedges: half and 3/4. 4) If I have time, I "play" a few holes on the range: driver, 7 iron, wedge. 5) Putting: I hit a f
  13. I was paired up with a guy this weekend who could really hit the ball a ton (and two guys who couldn't hit a barn). He didn't always know where it was going, and a few times couldn't find it so he hit provisional balls or just dropped. Unless competing, I never volunteer to correct someone else's "misinterpretation" of the rules. On two holes I *know* he got at least 7's, after several hacks at the ball from a bunker and the rough that didn't get out. He even threw his wedge clear across the green after one of them. On most holes he didn't bother putting out and a few times when he did he
  14. Finally broke 80 for the first time this year, shot a 78. Good: No 3 putts and 2 birdies: one was a chip in (also first of the year) and on 18 I had a tap in birdie. Best short game of the year as well. Bad: Still a bit wobbly with the new belly putter. Just missed several short par putts after good chips/pitches. Driving is largely indifferent with flashes of brilliance. Ugly: I had 1 double bogey. Made a stupid mistake and tried to hit a hero shot after a bad drive that got me into even more trouble. At that point double became a good score.
  15. I just switched to an Odyssey D.A.R.T. Belly putter (43"). Still trying to adapt to the new stroke, but went from 5-6 three-putts a round to 30 putts yesterday (should have been 27). Broke 80 for the first time this year!
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