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  1. Earlier in the afternoon I decided to hit the range. I'm in Texas so the heat is bad and there is no way to get around sweating. Toward the end of my range session my hands were sweating quite a lot and I lost control of my club and it ended up about 20 yards out in the range. I had to get everyone to stop hitting so i could retrieve my club... Note to self: dry hands constantly.
  2. So today I got off work extremely early and decided to get in a round before my mind told me it was too hot to play. Got to the course and it was wide open. I played a full 18 in 2 hours and 30 minutes (had to wait on one group for last 2 holes). Lately, when I'm on the golf course I feel like I am in the "Zone". Everything is just coming easy to me. Driver is Straight or just off line and far down the fairway, my new irons, MP-63 are so crisp and perform phenomenal, short game is great. I am gonna go ahead and praise Mizuno, for a sec, for making a fantastic set of irons in the mp-63. Workabl
  3. Shot 73 today for +3, 2 bogeys on front, 1 on the back. Lipped out about 5 birdie putts today
  4. Just picked up a new set of irons: Mizuno MP-63's!! So smooth, best irons i have hit to date.
  5. As of right now i am playing the Mizuno MP-63, so i would say muscleback? Smoothest irons I have ever hit!
  6. Welp I am now $1000.00 poorer, but I couldn't be happier! I just bought a new set of Mizuno MP-63 irons. Went to my local Golfsmith, it was actually ranked #1 in the Southwest for fitting by GolfDigest. After hitting the Ap2, 63 and 53 side by side for about 45 min I came to the conclusion that I liked the 63 most. I then proceeded to get fitted for a shaft through Mizuno's shaft optimizer- my results came up with my flex being between Stiff and X-Stiff, I chose the stiff and it gave me the DG S300 as my best fit with the Project X 5.5 in second. Then hit the lie board and everything came up a
  7. Bought a new putter about a week ago: Odyssey White Ice #1 for $130. Couldn't justify buying a black series or a cameron so I figured this felt best. Already shaved about 3-4 strokes per round putting.
  8. Thanks Gerald! Right now I'm kind of tired at looking at a relatively thick topline. I am looking to get something that is more appealing to my eye, and as you said liking the look of the club while standing over it, I believe inspires confidence in a shot. Definitely will be heading to get fitted after tomorrow (pay day) and will hopefully be walking out with a new set of clubs.
  9. Hey everyone, as of recently I have had more time to get my game to the level at which I hope to keep it at. As of right now I a currently looking at the Titleist Ap2s, mizuno MP-53's or 52s, and ping i15s or S56s. Here's a little bit of background on my game: I am 6'3" 205lb. So I am a bit taller and am able to get the necessary torque to hit the ball decently long. As of right now I am playing Nike CCi irons (not the blades). My normal shot is straight or a slight draw (bout 5 yards). I feel like I hit the ball too high sometimes and would like to get a more penetrating ball fligh
  10. Well completed one of my goals for 2011: Break 80. Shot 76 on a course I used to work at during high school (just finished my first year of college). I have only been playing seriously for about 1 year and a half. Front Nine: Shot 38, 3 bogeys and 1 birdie (lipped out an eagle putt)- +2 Back Nine: Shot 38, 3 bogeys and 1 birdie.- +2 I just couldn't do anything wrong out there in this Texas heat. Edit: Was playing from the Tips as well.
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