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  1. Well seems like this idea is not meeting with much acceptance. Many of the reasons stated are quite valid. I do take exception to the idea of over exposure. This is the Ryder Cup. It happens only once every four years in the US. So if Augusta were to host the event it might be once every 24 to 48 years. That is not over-exposure. I just happen to think Augusta is most ideal course for the Ryder Cup format and would be the most exciting venue for both fans and players. The benefit to all is, increased interest in golf , which by the way is something the members at Augusta National
  2. Having just watched every minute of the Masters last week, the thought occurred to me Augusta National would be an unbelievable venue for the Ryder Cup. What are the chances golf fans from around the world could convince Augusta National members to host the Ryder Cup? Would the PGA of America and R&A; embrace the idea? I'm sure the golfers and fans on both sides of the pond would love it. Billy Payne, if you are listening, let us know what you think.
  3. The Etiquette rules are printed on a 4''x6'' card. Exactly the same as a standard size scorecard.
  4. Your skepticism is shared by quite a few I'm sure. The alternative of doing nothing to address the problem of poor pace-of-play etiquette is guaranteed to not "move the needle." Marshaling can help but sadly many golf courses today are not putting the needed resources behind such programs in terms of personnel, training, and most importantly consistent enforcement of the policies. An effective marshaling program requires a significant $ investment. 240 GOLF will be a process. The program includes a number of merchandising/education materials in addition to the brochure. Plus a series
  5. Ernest, If you provided an email then you should have received a copy. You may want to check your spam folder. In either case you can download a sample copy at the website www.play240golf.com on the Etiquette Rules page. Most important though is encouraging your golf course to participate. Send them a copy of the research results;
  6. Let me add a quick note to Erik's post. Let your pro know we will be at the PGA Merchandise Show next week. And if you are attending please stop by and visit. 240 GOLF - Booth #3303
  7. A quick update on the 240 GOLF survey. The Pace-of-Play survey will be open through tomorrow evening, 1/14/13. Here's the link - http://bit.ly/UiS3CH After tomorrow evening you can still take the survey but your entries will not be included in the official results which will be completed and distributed on Wednesday. The results to date are very interesting and look forward to sharing them with all those that have requested a copy. A few people have commented golfers will not read the 240 GOLF etiquette card when it is given to them at the golf course. We agree but
  8. The Play 240 GOLF website is now live. www.play240golf.com If you have any comments you can post them here or on the 240 GOLF site. If you have not participated in the pace-of-play survey you can still do so at; http://bit.ly/paceofplaysurvey Thank you to all that have participated. Results to date are very interesting and will be made available to all that have requested a copy next week.
  9. All of the comments on this thread and the ones provided in the survey are very helpful as we get ready to launch Play 240 GOLF. Would like to clear up one point. 240 GOLF is more than just the 240 GOLF Etiquette card to be handed out to golfers. We will be offering golf courses a comprehensive program that includes printed material but will also include other forms of communication. The program will create ongoing awareness and education about good pace-of-play fundamentals. Thanks to all that participated in the survey so far. Those that requested the 240 Etiquette card can respo
  10. Walk 18 - You are probably correct about slow golfers and this site. Golfers that are frustrated by slow play are most definitely on this site. That is based on many of threads about the subject. The hope is we can make a difference by educating those we know that are the cause. The program will allow all golfers (slow and fast) to participate and support the program. Really, TST is the ideal place to start communicating the program. Passionate golfers who care about the game and hopefully will actively take part in a an organized program to improve pace-of-play.
  11. A new program will be launched in the next few days to improve pace-of-play nationwide in 2013. It is called Play 240 GOLF. The program is designed to educate golfers how to complete their round of golf in 240 minutes (4-hours) on most golf courses. The website will go live January 6, 2013 and the program will be introduced at the upcoming PGA Show - January 23 thru 26 in Orlando. 240 GOLF is a comprehensive program that provides golf courses a complete kit of merchandising materials designed to educate golfers about good pace-of-play etiquette. Individual golfers, frustrated b
  12. Thanks for wishing me luck. The key to 240 GOLF having success is pointed out in your first sentence "...hasn't been discussed already." We all go on TST and other forums discussing slow play. What 240 GOLF brings to the table is a program all golfers and golf courses can do more than discuss the problem. 240 GOLF provides golf courses real tools to promote good pace-of-play etiquette. And it provides a method for golfers to address slow play in a meaningful way with other golfers. Maybe 240 GOLF will have a positive impact, maybe it won't. It is a reasonable attempt
  13. Iacas, thanks for asking. Believe me, I fully understand the challenge. Telling a golfer they are slow has little or no effect on their pace-pf-play. 240 GOLF is a comprehensive plan to address slow play and the first to organize golfers and golf courses. Unlike other efforts which have been top-down, this program gives golfers an effective way to communicate good pace-of-play etiquette with other golfers. Once the website is live I will be posting more information about the program. We will be attending the PGA Show next month to introduce 240 GOLF and start the process of enlisti
  14. This new pace-of-play program will be great to send to this golf course. Our website will be launched in early January. Front and back cover of Play 240 GOLF etiquette rules card.
  15. The two common stats for rounds under 80 are; seven greens in regulation 30 or less putts per round Do that and you will regularly break 80. How to reach these objectives is the hard part. The holy grail for most amateur golfers and one I rarely find. Lessons from a good instructor and practice, practice, practice. Neither of which I have ever done. Shame on me.
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