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  1. Those MP 69's are awesome. Hit them today along with the MP 63 and MP 52. Also tried out the Cleveland CG 16 Tour. The MP 69 was by far the best of that bunch. Still have some to test out but it will be very hard to beat out the feel and consistancy of the 69's.
  2. Why not add all foods and drinks to the list too? When players get low on energy they eat and/or drink to get their energy level and focus back up. That sounds "performance enhancing" to me.
  3. I think you answered your own thought. Why would someone suggest using the AD333 when they will not be produced anymore? At 42 cents more per ball they are def worth the money for extra spin and softness.
  4. First eagle in competition was when I was 15 playing in high school, less than 1 year after picking up the game. Short 272 yard par 4. It played downhill and there are two bunkers that guarded the green with a narrow opening. My ball landed right in between the bunkers and ended up 2 feet from the hole. Sunk the putt and was thrilled. Most memorable eagle in competition was on a 387 yard par 4 (This was also in high school). I was 110 out in the rough after my drive. Took my Wilson Fat Shaft sand wedge and hit the ball on the fringe and it managed to roll out 20 feet into the cup.
  5. I have to agree. commercials are getting ridiculous. But as for not being able to keep up with recording, it's not really that hard. I guess I can say that because I have DrirecTV and if I forget to record something I just take out my phone and set it up. Even when I couldn't do it on my phone it only took about 30 seconds to set up all 4 rounds to be recorded. I'm sorry but I just don't see what the big fuss is about.
  6. I got to enjoy a round this weekend and help donate. Got on as a single and was paired with three guys, one of which is a fighter pilot in the Air Force. What are the chances of that? Thanks to all who serve this country!!!
  7. I know you didn't use experience as an excuse. I added the last two sentances. Sorry, I should have clarified that.
  8. He has been at the top or near the top many times and hasn't gotten it done. You're right, he doesn't suck. After all he has gotten to the top of the leaderboards before. But until he gets the job done, he will be known as a choke artist. And you can't use experience as an excuse. 6 PGA Tour rookies have won this year.
  9. Or you could learn to control the spin with your wedges. In stead of taking a full SW, take a 3/4 GW or a little PW. That way if you o miss the green you still have a great ball to put some spin on if needed.
  10. "I always enjoy competing in my home state, and this tournament fits my schedule perfectly." "John Fry and his company have supported the tour, and I've heard good things about the event and the golf course," Woods said. "One of my goals this year was to participate in a tournament I hadn't played before, and now, I will." One of your goals? Yeah right. Couples said he wanted Tiger to play before the Presidents Cup. It's funny how Tiger makes it seem like this is his idea and not "taking an order" from someone else.
  11. Shorty had it right, "but when they claim to have a "handicap" it just riles me a bit because you know damn well it isn't genuine."
  12. There is my answer. Definitely not Championship flight.
  13. SVTGolfer does not post a handicap becaue "Too many people on here are concerned with handicaps and wether or not the poster has a handicap better than theirs as to if thier comments hold water." What I get from that is that he is not a low handicapper. I'd guess somewhere around 10-12, minimum. For all we know those 4 wins could have been in Flight B or C, not A or Championship.
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