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  1. What they should do is put a tree in front of them with a 4" branch.. I can hit a 4" branch, I do it all the time when I'm not trying to!
  2. Lots of Ego in this season, its obvious. I guess its a given. In any sport, you do not hit the high end without some sort of chip on your shoulder. I just wish the better players were more humble. Then again, TV has a great way of taking things out of context and could even make Santa Claus look like a prick.
  3. 16 days for a bio tee to decompose doesn't seem all the important to me. the grounds crew should have mowed that tee box and picked up the tee's by then :)
  4. I just got this unit from the club pro to try out this weekend. I set it up today and am wearing it to get used to it. It is compact for that it is, but its still huge. I've attached a picture of it on my wrist. I'm not sue I could swing a club without this getting in the way. It does have a belt clip, but I'd prefer it on my wrist if possible. How does it compare in size to the Garmin S1? I don't need or want all the extra golf features. I just need distances.
  5. I'll give that a try. My 7i is my money club. I rarely miss with it. The ball is struck flush, center. Divot is just barely front of the ball. I'll be at the range this weekend. I'll jot down some numbers on my note pad to compare the 7 & 8. Thanks for the feedback
  6. Yeah, its 215 teed up, but really low. The 7i is always off the grass. The 7-8i have a higher launch than the 4, but nothing to write home about.
  7. Hello. I havent posted here in a while. I've been playing quite a bit and lowered my handicap a lot lately. I've been considering buying a new set of irons, which is what spurred this thread. I googled club distances and found I am kind of all over the board as far as distances go. The chart I am look at is this: http://golf.about.com/od/beginners/l/blclubdistance.htm Anyways. 7i. I hit consistantly 150 yards. Just as the chart says. However, that is the only place I am close. 4i. The chart says at the long side, 185y. I can hit mine 215y.
  8. Yeah, the caddie was racking nowhere near the golfer nor his line to the green, so I was confused. I wish I had a DVR to rewind and see it again. Nothing on the web about it either...
  9. Last night on the Golf Channel, I saw a highlight from some tourny over the weekend. I had the TV muted, was caring for our foster dog who just came home from back surgery and didn't catch 100% of what was going on on TV. Apparently, there was a golfer in a green side bunker. After his shot, the ball came back to rest in the bunker. As this happened, a caddie (I assume his) was raking the bunker about 10 feet behind the golfer. Judging by the body language of the caddie, it looked like that was a no-no and I'm guessing they got a stroke penalty for it or worse. Can anyo
  10. Williams needs to shut up. His 15 minutes of fame are over. Get out from in front of the camera and do your job. This whole media circus, Williams -vs- Tiger getting more exposure than Scott is ridiculous. Williams may be a great caddie, but hes showing me he is a head case as well. So you don't work for Tiger anymore. Do the details of exactly the day/time your "firing" happened really matter to us? Maybe its just me, but Williams is making himself look pretty pathetic. The Media isn't helping by spoon feeding him either.
  11. Mucho, thanks :) The local place here insists I go with ProV1's but I don't think losing one in the water or the woods would sit well with me at that price. My game isn't that great yet.
  12. For the most part yes, in quantity. D2 Plus Feel 15‐Ball I can get for $16.75/dz. Gamer V2 $15.75/dz Not a great discount but the markup in balls is very low to begin with. Pricing includes one logo up to 5‐colors.. See my avatar for an example
  13. I was looking for site member personal preference... Not a good response thanks though
  14. Ohhh a wise guy eh? And your little link doesnt answer my question. If you cant help, dont reply.
  15. Hi I work IT for a promotional marketing company and one perk I get, is product at cost. Golf Balls are one product.. Currently I am playing Wilson Ultra Distance balls. I paid $8.50/dz. Can't really go wrong there. I believe I need a little more precision in my short game and was thinking maybe I should change to a different ball. Obviously ProV1's are a good choice but I want to stay affordable. Even at my employee discount ProV1's are still $40/dz So, I was thinking NXT's at $24.00/dz. Any feedback or recommendation for a good short game ball that is afford
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