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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I know it cannot be #1 because I was standing identical distance away from my hybrid, which I was hitting very well. #2 and #3 are definite possibilities, though. I will try those out for sure.
  2. Back when I was a golf novice (idiot) I bought myself all new woods because the hand-me-downs I had been playing were small, old, and embarrassing amongst my playing partners newer equipment. I went ahead and bought a driver, 3 wood, and 5 hybrid at this time. My thinking was that all golfers carried a driver, 3, and 5, but that 3 and 5 woods were interchangable with 3 and 5 hybrids (dumb). All of these clubs had "Regular" shaft flexes. Fast forward to the present. All new additions to my bag have been "stiff" shaft flexes. The 4 iron is my favorite club, I use it a lot and on all secon
  3. Ok thanks for the responses guys. Yes, I still do occasionally shoot in the 90s .
  4. I had a question very similar to this. Someone in this forum said something to the effect that they updated their handicap when they got their new clubs. I took this as they basically restarted their handicap. My problem is I started tracking mine when I shot high 90s and played all the time. Now I shoot mid 80s, but I hardly ever play any more. So basically I was wondering if I should reset it to more accurately reflect my scores, or just keep posting scores and very slowly watch it go down.
  5. I agree with you. There was absolutely no reason for that guy to make a comment like that. I think sometimes people just get frustrated by the slow pace of play at courses on weekends now. You said your round only took 4 hours, which to me feels like an eternity. Last weekend I played a round that took 5 hours!! Anyhow like I said the guy should have just made a sincere apology and the whole event would have been over.
  6. This post almost sums up my most shameful moment on the golf course, only mine ended worse. I hit a terrible 7-iron on a Par 3, just one of many terrible shots that day, and frustration had been building. As I started on my "second backswing" the club slips from my hands flying parallel to the ground. This club was flying really, really fast. Who is standing right behind me? No other than dear old DAD, who was hit squarely in the shin. Needless to say, he couldn't finish the round. He had a major bruise that lasted for a long time. We laugh about it now, but at the time I felt horrible
  7. Distance used to destroy my putts as well. I would either blow them by the hole or leave them halfway short. One thing that I have started doing (I know that I'm not alone here) is when I'm above and beside my ball I take my practice strokes not while looking at the ground but while looking at the hole. I might make 3 or even 4 continuous, pendulum-like strokes all the while I'm trying to gauge exactly how hard I have got to hit the putt to get it to the promised land. Then when you feel like you have your speed, step up and imagine how good the ball is going to sound when it hits the bott
  8. Shot a 43 today on the front 9 at Valley Green. Walked them in a torrential downpour. Made the playing kind of tough, but it was fun besides the fact that I forgot my umbrella. My driver was good, my putting and chipping were fine, but I was pushing my irons about 10-15 yards right of my intended target. This made scoring tough, but if it weren't for the triple bogey on the the last hole...
  9. Now that this thread has opened up again, I will repost my experience of yesterday's round since I'm still ecstatic. I hadn't been able to accomplish my goal of breaking 90 all summer long. My last 3 rounds had been 90, 91, and 90. Finally yesterday I broke through with an 85 (par 72). I went 43-42 and was very consistent playing bogey golf. The greens were like rocks and I found it amazingly difficult to get my ball to stay on the green. I had at least 5 shots I thought were perfect only to hear a sound like concrete and watch my ball fly off the green. The majority of these were high
  10. OK, I don't really know what you want to know, but I feel bad when someone doesn't get a response to a good question when at the same time the same questions about slicing or shanks get answered time and time again. My $.02 is that the $60 net is probably best. I don't know what you mean by the fake golf balls, but I have used golf wiffle balls quite a bit. They are helpful but drive me nuts when the slightest wind blows them offline. It also sounds to me like you don't have the space to use this system the best. For me I couldn't justify spending $250 on a practice net when that can get
  11. VICTORRRRRYYYY!!!!! (thanks Drama) Today I finally broke the 90 barrier. I thought about reopening the "Breaking 90" thread, but it seems pretty dormant so I'll post it here. I shot an 85 (par 72). I'm really pumped, but I guess the reason why myself and others can't get enough golf is because, "I coulda went lower". Anyhow no amazing shots worth mentioning, I just putted solidly, stayed around the fairway all day, and hit some greens (always staying really close on misses). Unfortunately the greens were like rocks so a lot of full shots, pitches, and chips that I thought were perfect
  12. Shot a 90 today-- Par 71. It's strange that about 2 months ago I would've been thrilled by this score, but after the round I felt disgusted. My last 3 rounds have been 90, 91, 90 at three different courses. This means I still haven't accomplished my goal of breaking 90, and I will likely get only 2 more rounds this summer, with one at a course where there is no chance of a score in the 80s . I had 1 tiple bogey, 6 doubles, and 6 pars. 29 putts saved me and chipping killed me. ZERO fairways and 2 GIR, but was very close many times on both. Two OB shots. Strange round.
  13. Yea, I give used to give advice to my friends now and again. My one friend is really receptive and postive and seems to get better when helped. Two of my other friends just ignore the advice but don't get angry. It's tough sometimes because one of the guys who can't take advice has the worst swing you've ever seen. Mix an Albert Pujols homerun swing with a new golfer's swing and thats what you have. He says, "I don't understand what I'm doing wrong" when the ball doesn't get airborn. I will give him the simplest thing like "try not bending your left arm so much" because he flexes his el
  14. OK I am by no means an equipment expert or even close, so take this with a grain of salt. I would say for a 16 handicap, that the Big Berthas may not be for you. They are Callaway's "game improvement" iron, and are designed with a big, heavy, clunky bottom of the club designed to consistently get the ball WAYY up in the air. I have the Big Bertha sand wedge and I really like it, it is my go-to chipping/pitching wedge, but whenever I am in a hard lie I get nervous due to its thick design. Having said that I think that you could still probably use them well, but may not be able to work the b
  15. Sorry this reply took so long Leek, but there are just really big trees on the right of this particular hole. I went with driver because I felt extremely confident with it that day. The drive was crushed (for me), and would've been perfect, if only it had not been hit 15-25 yards offline to the left lol. Anyhow in hindsight I should've hit a low 3-wood, a shot I can consistently keep in play. Also as an update, the next day I ended up with a 91 . This time I'll blame hole #17. It was a 218 yard Par 3. I went for my 4-iron, once again it HAD been the best club in my bag all round. Sure
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