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  1. 3 wood use

    Thanks. It may be that on those uneven lies, I need to move it moreback to center from its 2" or so off left heel position. I The tip you and another made re going to 4 or 5W is one great idea, but because the 3W is the alternative on short trcky holes to the drver off tee, I don't want to lose that one if possible. So I will toy with the shortened grip and more to center. On flat ground, so long as keeping slow in mind, I get good results, although margin off error on 3 seems very small relative to other clubs.
  2. 3 wood use

    New to this site. looking for a forum community akin to what I have with other hobby. Hopefully this is it. Anyway, question: Took up golf five years ago--am an old guy and have gotten to about 16 handicap. Through bad experience I have learned that I cannot hit my 3-wood, at least predictably (an otherwise critical club for me) if lie is even moderately sidehill, uphill or downhill or if rough is more than minimal. Instead, I rely on my 18 degree hybrid, and the difference in result is enormous, albeit with loss of distance. Is there any skill level or tips involved in using 3 wood in those situations? (My equipment insofar as relevat here is is Cobra 3 wood, and Cobra hybrids.)