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  1. I think it has been all down hill since TW 2007.
  2. My apologies. I didn't think the MB (non-TP's) were forged.
  3. From the PGA Value Guide I would shoot for 190 or so. That's the mid-price if these are RAC MB TPs.
  4. I still love my MacGregor M685's :) Forged and buttery soft.
  5. I would definitely stick with the G10's. They are perfect for your handicap. If you just want a less forgiving club, maybe you could find some used I-10's and come out pretty much even money.
  6. I travel alot and use one regularly. My upstream is like 5mbps though so I never have a problem. I recently went on vacation however, and didn't have internet service where I was at so I tethered my blackberry to my computer and still was able to watch it. The quality was degraded quite a bit, but I was only getting around 150kbps cause my signal was pretty awful at the beach house. Still didn't freeze though.
  7. My bag kinda sums it up. I like playing the stuff most people I play with don't like or never heard of. They guys I play with only know what they see in the shop. The affordability is a plus as well.
  8. I have iron covers that go on bag when they are being stored, driving to and from the course, and on an airplane. Don't use them on the course at all. I don't really care about dings honestly. They are just golf clubs. Dings give them character.
  9. That's kind of an important part of the equation is it not?
  10. http://www.golfdigest.com/magazine/v...12/bubbawatson
  11. There is an article in the newest Golf Digest about Bubba's buckle. It said it was worth like 25K or something as stated. It is made with pink sapphires and black diamonds.
  12. Although I do think Florida is a better team than Alabama, Florida has the worst loss out of anyone with a chance at the national championship. Not to mention, Florida has beaten 1 ranked team so far, and that was Georgia who might just be the most overrated team this season. Texas stayed #2 in the BCS (rightly so). They did beat OU on a neutral field. OU is playing amazing ball right now though. 64 point average in the last 4 games, 54 point average for the season. It looks like OU might pass Texas for the #2 spot though if they can take care of business against Oklahoma State. They are .074 points behind them, but Texas plays a terrible A&M; team. Their defense stepped up against Tech. If they played like that every day, they would never get beat. They just can't seem to get up for every game though. Anyway, I was there. It was the loudest I have ever heard Memorial Stadium and I have been to probably 100 games. It was crazy. Here are some photos from the madness. Crabtree just slumped over :) Happy Halloween Carter Gerald McCoy looking right at me :) Nick Harris giving an interview with the Boz making a cameo THE CARNAGE
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