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  1. I now play with mp-29 blades and I'm a massive poser. I even managed to hit a birdie the other day!
  2. i3 Blades are awesome! Have played those for the last 9 years and just treated myself to some 20 year old Mizuno blades... Traitor haha But seriously, the i3 blades go very cheap on eBay and I well recommend them
  3. Totally understand what you are saying and it is an amazing ball but require something a little more forgiving at the moment... Slightly firmer, any suggestions?
  4. Ok so after doing lots of searching I cant seem to find what im looking for with regards to info on the net... Im just getting back in to golf after quite a long break. I play perhaps 10 times a year now but previous to that I played off a 9 handicap. In my prime I used to play a Pro V1 but looking to try something else this time around with perhaps the same amount of control on the green but more forgiving off the tee... is there even such a ball?! I have been playing with the Bridgestone E7 but thats too hard and absolutely no stop on the greens. Cant seem to find a ball descri
  5. Couldn't agree more with the OP. The only 'wood' I carry in my bag is my Ping - Rapture 9 Degree driver. I have always played with my trusty ping i3's for the last 10 years or however long (they just came out when I bought them...) I hit the ball too high as it is ad struggle to keep it down. Currently bought some Mizuno mp-29's and teaching myself to hit down more on the ball. Us here in the UK playing true links golf courses need our long irons! I have never hit, and never will hit a hybrid! I've always hated woods off the deck although accasionally used to hit my Titleist 975D off the
  6. An exaggerated 'inside-out' swing will not help in your quest to hit a draw...
  7. Seeming as nobody replied to the original question I shall... I would never use the abrasive side of those cleaners, it will scratch and wear the face of your club and if you are worried about rust then definitely dont use that! I clean my mp-29's with a soft toothbrush and wd-40 with a linen free cloth. The wd-40 will clean of any rust there is and the tooth brush will ensure it doesnt scratch off the chrome (you wont have the chrome problem but you see where i am going...).
  8. I got some mint condition mp-29's from ebay a few weeks back for £125! 2-pw and absolutely love them! Edit: These are the same clubs Tiger Woods won his first masters with... and his current clubs (or at least the ones he had when he first moved to Nike) are modelled on the mp-14 and mp-29 as he had a mixed back of these clubs, so if they are good enough for him..... they are way too good for me haha
  9. Hi all, my name is Stuart, Im from England and im an electrician by trade. A little bit about me.... I started playing golf at the age of 14 and within a few years got down to a handicap of 9. My first set of clubs were Ram FX with graphite shafts, followed by a set of Ping i3 'Blades'. Unfortunately due to membership costs and doing an apprentiship I had to quit golf at 18 and didnt go back to the game for 3 years! I remember when the Mizuno mp-33 blades came out and a guy I knew as a junior had a brand new set, I was so jealous, they looked amazing! After 3 years I g
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