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  1. It doesn't have to be straight behind, it could be at an angle, but I think the direction of the shot should be a focus. I think people are just as interested in the view of the shot as well as seeing the person hitting the ball. This is just meant as advice from a viewer, no offense intended.
  2. That's true, but we don't have the context of what you're hitting at when you do a side view.
  3. Iacas I love the vlogs. Imo do more views from behind so we have an idea of where the ball is going, just throwing the idea out there.
  4. I hit my 56 about 100 yds and 60 about 80 yds.
  5. Youtube shanks, I found the video by Hank Haney to be quite helpful, as well as other videos.
  6. Yesterday I played the front nine horrendously, lost about 8 balls. Confidence was very low. Then on nine I made a couple adjustments (that I should have made earlier), hit some good shots, and got some confidence back. Played much better on the back nine... until I blew up on 16 and 17. lol
  7. Yesterday I played terribly again but on our last hole (hole 9, we played the back nine first), I played it beautifully. It is about a 550 yard par 5. I crushed my drive 322 yards an ha 250 going in. Obviously I hit 3 wood and crushed it into the green, about 15 yards from the pin. Two putted for bird. I think it's the first time I've ever gotten it on in two, usually I don't hit it that well. Felt good.
  8. If one of my buddies or I hit a bad shot, I say "get in the hole!" or "be the club!" or something like that. Usually gets a chuckle
  9. Just give it to him as an early birthday present or something. He's a friend. Unless you need the money
  10. twomey7


    I had one when I was younger, it was a par 4. I hit my tee shot down the cart path for a total of about 310 yards. The next shot was on a highly elevated green. Could barely see the flagstick. I hit PW (I was 13/14 at the time) and I knew I was at least putting for bird. My Dad and I drove up to the green and didn't see a ball up there. So I looked passed the green, didn't see anything. So then my heart started pumping, and I went towards a hole, peeked in, and it was there. I yelped, it was great. I could holes later I got a birdie too, on a par 3, sinking a 20 footer. Good times
  11. You won't let a buddy use your golf club? Wow. Thats pretty smuggy if you ask me. I know that every time you hit the ball it wears the club out, but shit. He forgot his club. Help a friend out. What the hell
  12. If you're going to vacation for golf, I would think you want to do Myrtle Beach or PGA West, Palm Springs. South Carolina or California. There is an island in Georgia called Jekyll Island that you should check out too. Amazing place.
  13. I was hitting it great at Dick's and I badly needed a 3 wood so I got it. $100, sale because its last year's version and the new ones came out. I have yet to take it out though, so damn busy with work and school. Can't wait. According to the machine I was hitting them 250 off the deck. They probably suckered me, lol.
  14. you hit a shot that went infinity yards, whoa!
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